MODIFIKASI Honda Genio 1995

MODIFIKASI Honda Genio 1995

Many of them will be done to please the couple, and when done with all my heart, the result will not be in vain. And Honda Genio derivative is evidence concrete 1995.

Yes, indeed it is a Honda Genio, not Mercedes-Benz New Eyes, like the appearance of the front and rear lights. At first glance, you will not think this is a Honda Genio.

Genio is presented as a wedding gift to his beloved wife, Helis Solehah. "She does not like modifying it, so I love this, let him love," said the husband, the Word, when talking with detikOto, in Palembang Square, Palembang, Monday (07/12/2010)

In the process, the Word took the concept of extreme, because he thought they were husband and wife who are also extreme. Therefore, the total destruction were carried out.

Thus, Honda Genio his windshield and just be left behind alone, because the start of the body, the engine until the interior modifications have been hit by debris.

Starting from the front lights which adopted the Mercedes-Benz New Eyes, taillights also took from the German brand, with a two-door coupe body kit Nissan Fairlady-paced style rounded yet dynamic flow.

garnish white color on the whole body and interior marks the sacred bonds of their marriage, as well as characterizing a car that emphasizes comfort while driving.

The interior is spacious and nuanced all-white, with a little touch of racing on the instrument panels, but not to have to make his wife feel like inside the cabin like a racing car.

And to further complement this 1995 extremeness Genio, turbochargers were pinned on the slabs of the engine, so now cool stored energy reached 200 dk.

Word also had to bring his car to Jakarta, and waited patiently for the length of time working with a patient for two years, with total costs reaching hundreds of millions.

"Everything that unqualified for All New Honda CR-V (USD 300 Million)," he said proudly.

And sure enough, all these sacrifices fruitless, because in addition to successfully won the King's Extreme Classmild mat Accelera Auto Contetst 2010 Palembang, Genio is then received appreciation from the wife.

"For sure I am happy, and this car is comfortable, too comfortable to take it," said his wife Helis Solehah.
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