SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

SPESIFIKASI Hino Poncho | Bus Kecil

If you visit the arena Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 do not forget to balance Hino booth located in Hall B-1. The reason Hino displaying three vehicles that fit the theme Hino Care consisting of profitability, safety and society.

All three vehicles were on display at the booth Hino, trucks FM PD 320 Symbolizes profitability. Then, there are also Dutro 4X4 truck that symbolized safety. Both this after products sold in Indonesia.

And another one is a bus poncho, which was imported directly from the land of rising sun, Japan. Poncho mascot was asked to exhibit and make it as a symbol of the society.

Small buses have been applying the features that can provide safety and convenience to passengers. Among other low-floored deck, making it easier for the passengers to ride the car.

Then use the door wide and low which is designed to facilitate access by wheelchair users ride into a poncho. While inside the cabin itself, this bus can accommodate up to 36 passengers.

Uniquely, the bench in the middle can be folded to accommodate wheelchair users. Security sector in the bus was also noted. Namely by covering every iron grip with rubber material, which would make passengers safer during an impact.

Another thing that may be the attraction at the 180-powered engine vehicles J05D dk is also located in the sector an attractive exterior. With round lights on the front, and the form of houses that tend to round, make this bus looks sweet.

No wonder, with the uniqueness as well as safety and comfort, poncho many residential and tourist vehicles made in Japan since 2002. Unfortunately, Hino has not been interested in marketing the poncho in Indonesia. One of the causes for the lowest distance poncho to the ground is very low, so that did not match the road conditions in Indonesia.
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