MODIFIKASI Jeep CJ7 1996 | Raja Garuk Tanah

MODIFIKASI Jeep CJ7 1996 | Raja Garuk Tanah

Champion racing cars are sedans with a sporty and sleek appearance. But in Kilkenny, another story. Precisely Jeep cool a filthy-looking cars racing was asked to be king.

Yes, carpet Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest 2010 Palembang little different, because a Jeep CJ7 Racing King could snatch the title, beating its competitors that most sedans.

From the looks, do not hope you can feel comfortable, because this car is for the adventurous explore the fields of a typical heavy off-road path.

The owner, Prime Andika Putra, accidentally buying the 1996 Jeep CJ7 devirate this to be evacuated immediately from Palembang to Bandung, to renew his birth.

"From the purchase, immediately dismantled for off road, its workmanship in Bandung," she said when talking with detikOto, in Palembang Square, Palembang, Monday (07/12/2010)

For the next frame shaped like the letter Z, so-called Z-Inc. While forming the letter C back to sleep, called C-Knot. The design of this kind commonly used for hot rod car to chase the look flat, but still safe to use.Like the color of the car is not too shiny, but still maintained its quality.  

Then selected dof blue wrap the whole body and roof are already circumcised 13 cm. So also with the legs. For model worm wheel and tire from Coker Tire wire wheel he had to spend around Rp20-Rp30 million.

When entering into the engine, Jarek did not want to wear a gahar kitchen runway. Like the aura of hot rod small block V8 with a capacity of 5700 cc.

Because of daily use, then chooses the Chevrolet Nova inline engine 3500 cc. accessories only typical of his time involved to install, such as Rochester carburetor that combined 'horn' air supply velocity stacks homemade garage Flying Piston.

Finally, the finishing touch. Because many are missing, like the grille taken over from Ford Coupe, 1932, was head lamp is made custom for the sake of pursuing authenticity. Even the ring lights, Rudy said of the Jeep CJ7 the shell is formed. Glass is made new.

Jeep CJ7 entire body was ousted, and replaced with fiber in order to cut weight. After that, turn the engine which pushed back half a meter in order to safely hit the water and mud.

So also with the chassis that also has made himself, with a tubular steel derivate HDT Regions Kopo, Bandung, which is mated to a suspension by three pass King Cup, plus coil over shock.

"So even though the tires up to the stone, body not tilted, remain stable," said Andika.

after affairs of the body, frame and display, now turn the machine sector, in order any heavy impassable terrain, this can be fixed CJ7 gassed and sliding

Capacity of 4500 cc engine became swollen Gasoline, grafting of the Jeep Wrangler Yi who had refused to drink gasoline, but should be minimal because the compression has been improved Pertamax.

All engine innards, starting from the piston, piston motor, chamshaft, also the final gear is grafted with the tools all racing, including racing exhaust Borla derivate Set.

And now, after you see it, please just try yourself sensation driving it, because now these Jeep CJ7 has really become its king, scratching the ground racing Palembang.
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