SPESIFIKASI Proton | Luncurkan Persona Elegance

SPESIFIKASI Proton | Luncurkan Persona Elegance

Indonesia International Motor Show also did not miss auto manufacturers from Malaysia, the Proton Persona for release Elegance in Indonesia.

Persona Elegance comes with a touch of change is a development and an increase or a facelift from the Gen.2 Persona, which has been introduced in Indonesia in July 2008.

New features on the Persona of Elegance include headlights have been redesigned, the rear lights that use LED lighting, a more assertive front grille, passenger seat to get a touch, a new design on the meter cluster, mirror equipped with turn signal indicators and a cool body kit.

Proton Gen2 offers a new 1600 cc engine in two variants, the High Line and Medium Line.The first variant consists of two types of manual and automatic. Each Priced of RM 57,488 or approximately USD 159 million and RM 60 488 or approximately USD 167.5 million.

The second variant, produced only type automatic transmission. Interestingly, lowering the price of Proton precisely this variant of RM 1500 or about USD 4.1 million, so the new Gen2 tag of Medium Line was only RM 56,488 or approximately USD 156.4 million.

Although the price is lowered, but did not decrease the quality features. Jok for example, still wrapped in leather. A series of supporting features such as audio system, fog lamps, body kit package, and some storage space in the cabin there are also still available.

In fact, this variant using a machine CPS (Cam Profile Switching) Campro-powered 125 horsepower. Previously, using Campro IAFM engine that powered 110 horsepower. While changes in appearance, seen in grille, alloy wheels and door handles that use a new design. While at the cabin, ceiling semi-clad material in black leather.

Proton offers two colors, namely white and red. About sales targets, the manufacturer fix the 300 units per month.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, Proton Edar Indonesia (PEI) has launched the Proton Gen2 facelift with 1600 cc engine Campro IAFM on 15 March. PEI membanderol Gen2 manual transmission type USD 151 million and Rp 161 million automatic transmissions.

Sole Agent Brand Proton in Indonesia was claimed, IAFM Campro engine produces 110 horsepower power at 6500 rpm and 148 torque at 4000 rpm Newtonmeter.

Persona Elegance sold starting from USD 158 million, with a capacity of 1.6-liter sedan is available with a 4 speed automatic and five speed manual.

Medium sedan is offered in five color options, namely: Bronze Garnet, Chiffon Green, Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black, and Brilliant Red.

Proton Holdings Berhad Managing Director Group, Dato 'Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, on occasion, be present to unveil the veil of Persona Elegance.

"We believe that the Persona Elegance will again improve its image by offering the best for the sedan market in Indonesia by offering quality products, affordable and stylish," he said in a press conference at the booth Proton, Friday (23/07/2010).
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