SPESIFIKASI Mercy E63 AMG | Raja Jalanan

SPESIFIKASI Mercy E63 AMG | Raja Jalanan

Fast car lovers in Indonesia seemed to add one more collection of fast cars in the garage of a house with a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Powerful 6208 cc engine with eight valves belong to this car was awesome.

one-time direct engine noise barked fiercely when the Start button on the dashboard of a car engine is suppressed. Whereas the right leg is not up to the gas pedal pressed. That first impression when detikOto tested the reliability of Mercy E63 AMG.

Before going into engine performance we first observe the exterior. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sporty enough with the concept bumblebee bumper and grille designed to minimize the symptoms of the wind.

While for tire rims wrapped in a thin but wide also adds an aura of sportiness more viscous.

For security, E63 AMG peg composite discs are large. At the rear, the exhaust gas channel using four mufflers chrome accents.

While for the interior. Not much different from any other Mercedes-Benz. Very presents the elements of luxury and prestige. Therefore, high-quality leather wrapped pinned to the seat, dashboard up to the ceiling.

Skin layer is also visible in the AMG sports seats, pedals and steering wheel transmission four-blade.

Well, if talking about features, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG can be no doubt anymore. Because, in addition to accommodate the taste of speed, the Mercedes-Benz is also preparing a myriad of features in the passenger cabin. Call it like a DVD player, rear camera when parking, panoramic, seat heater, and night vision.

Night vision allows you to see this more clearly when the streets at night, especially on the front side of the car that aera sometimes blank because the lights dazzled him.

Now, let us feel the E63 AMG engine. Promoted the concept sports car engine is very suitable for the speed buff through a machine that can eject 386kW/525 hp maximum power and peak torque of 630 Nm. The figure is ready to inspire your adrenaline when the gas pedal suppressed pol.

Proved when the car is run on the highway. How does it feel?

Oh My God (OMG..), The greeting that comes out of your mouth after you suppress deep into the accelerator Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

How, E63 AMG can not dashed from zero to 100 km per hour with a time of 4 seconds with a suspension mode "+ S" (Sport plus).

The car still feels comfortable when stepping on the speedometer needle 180 km per hour. In any high-speed handling highly qualified E63, when winding the car was still quite comfortable.

Noise level is not too felt until the passenger cabin. Unfortunately, voice tires can not seem muted. voice tires are still a bit annoying ear.

There are four choices of i-drive to explore the speed of the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. First "C" (Controlled Efficiency), "S" (Sport), and "S +" (Sport plus). But there is also "M" mode.

"M" is the most sporty transmission. To feel it just pressing the AMG drive units in the center console.

Such as the ESP system automatically went to work, any kind of RPM on the speedometer go up a little sign that the car is ready searched. Motorists can move the i-drive at any time as needed.

From what we feel, sporty cars that cost Rp 1.939 billion off the road in Jakarta is highly qualified for the audience of fast vehicles.

As information from the dashboard fuel consumption, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG reached 25 liters for 100 km and even touched 30 km per liter.

Figures obtained from the digital screens in cars are more extravagant than claims submitted Mercy ie 12.6 liters per 100 km or approximately 1:7,9. the E63 AMG is only natural because we suppress exhausted.

Well, you interested? Problem fuel intake should not be a problem for consumers who have a pocket of USD 2 billion more to buy this car.
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