Differences with Toyota and Honda, Nissan does not display a hybrid concept car at IIMS 2010 event in JIEXpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Precisely at this exhibition, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia or the NMI to be realistic by displaying the candidate vehicles to be marketed in the country.

Above the booth area of 1020 square meters of NMI, the Nissan March is piled (in the European market called MICRA). Small vehicle with a 1.2 L three-cylinder engine uses the V-new platform that has a lightweight, fuel economy, and lower operating costs.

"If everything goes according to plan, began to be assembled and fell in November to the market in December," said president director of NMI to Kompas.com Takayuki Kimura. When talking about price, he said it was still in the count. But, when mentioned between Rp 140 million and Rp 160 million, he said that price might be too expensive.

This vehicle, he said, is a combination of SUV and sports cars that gave birth to a compact crossover. SUV impression clearly visible at the bottom of the vehicle with the use of a thicker wheels and higher ground clearance.

While the upper part is more like a sports car due to the use of sloping roofline spoiler combined. Even this section is inspired from the design Juke cupe Nissan 370Z sports car.

In the interior, Nissan presents a unique center console design that resembles a motorcycle fuel tank. Japanese manufacturer Nissan is also pinning technology Dynamic Control System (NDCS), which allows the front passenger to access the information systems and other control functions related to the car and the situation around him.

As for palace, Juke equipped 1.6-liter gasoline engine capable of producing 117 hp power. There are also variants which have been equipped so that they can catapult a turbocharged 190 hp with 240 Nm of torque.

There are also options 1.5 DCI engine common rail diesel powered 110 hp and peak torque to 240 Nm. Consumers can choose the transmission 5-speed or 6-speed manual and CVT automatic.

Interestingly, the March on display not just one, but three units. One of them has a stylish look with black racing and tire width.

In addition to March, rotates with the elegant, Juke Nissan. Just as the small, compact crossover will be produced next year in Indonesia. In the country of origin, Japan, the Juke has been marketed in June, followed in Europe and America.

In this exhibition, NMI also includes all of the product line-ups such as the Livina family, New Froniter Navara and X-Trail which appears more fresh with additional accessories.

During the exhibition, which ends on August 1 next, Nissan had a sales target. "For all the products are expected to reach 500 units," said Kimura.
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