SPESIFIKASI Sirion Drift dan Femme

SPESIFIKASI Sirion Drift dan Femme

In accordance with his promise, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) finally launched the latest edition of the Sirion Sirion Sirion Famme which is a special edition for the weaker sex.

As the name implies, Sirion Famme who was born in the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010 is a car that was specially made for women who want an elegant car, but still implies feminimisme breath.

Daihatsu Sirion Famme deliberately presented to satisfy the main demand drivers pecintanya women living in urban areas.

"45 percent of users are women who Sirion average jobber first ladies and mothers of young families," said marketing director at ADM Amelia Tjadra JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Saturday (07/24/2010).

Well because it intended to womanhood, then from appearance alone
visible aura of feminism that is strong enough as Baluran pink paint on his body.

Not to mention the color combination of pink and black on the inside of his cabin feels stronger to help show the feminine side of Sirion. Especially pink accents on the seats and doortrim is also increasingly attractive thanks to the presence of flower accents on the center cluster and door arm rest this Famme Sirion.

But apparently, not only Sirion Daihatsu Famme are shown in this prestigious event. Because if Sirion Famme dedicated to womanhood, to give the adam Daihatsu Sirion Drift.

"Sirion Drift retain his trademark as a car that in accordance with
needs of the young generation of fuel efficient engines and powerful, roomy cabin which is multi-functional, high-tech features for driving pleasure and design new, more sporty, stylish and cool, "said Amelia.

Sporty impression can be seen in the number of accessories, especially in the
exterior that suggests the dynamic of this Japanese car.

Application of good body kit on the front and rear spoilers, side skirts to the side body molding on the body outside the Sirion tersemat Drift exudes a masculine side.

Not to mention extras like chrome accents on mufflers partcutter, the headlamp eye lid, black pillar black out and back door garnish also painted on the outside of the vehicle.

Sirion Drift sporty impression on even the more obvious thanks to installation of a rim
measuring 1 inch on all four legs.

Meanwhile, for the price, either Sirion Sirion Drift Famme and released with the price of 155.3 million for the manual version and 165.4 for the automatic version.

Here are the specifications of each type:
Sirion Drift:
- Side body molding
- R16 Alloy wheel
- Front body kit
- Rear body kit
- Side skirts
- Rear spoiler
- Chrome muffler cutter
- Eye LED headlamp
- Pillar Blackout
- Black painted back door garnish

Sirion Femme:
- Rear spoiler
- Sensor backward
- Pillar Blackout
- Material leather for the seats and door trim
- Tissue Boxes
- Seat Lifter
- Seat back pocket and shopping hooks
- Package tary
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