Japanese Honda Principals do not just sit and enjoy the success of Civic sales. Secretly Honda Motor Co. (HMC) is preparing the next generation of compact vehicles for the European market. Spy team shoot that was sent to Germany lift hatchback new candidates are undergoing testing.

All body parts are closed so that the original figure is not known. But, spokesman Autoevolution messenger spy who jumped into the field today (07/22/2010) try aiming for the grille, door handles hidden behind the style and roof line.

From this, it seems that Honda made the evolution from previous models. So, just made changes to certain sections only. Or rather facelift alone.

For machinery, the Japanese automakers still rely on petrol versions and four-cylinder turbodiesel. Energies, between 80 to 140 PS. There is a possibility that the model is awaited Civic Type-R.

Civic type SE 1400 cc and Si, and 1.800 cc SE models will use a ring 16-inch rims, while the Si 1.800 cc up a level that is 17-inches.

All 2011 Civic type will also be present in the new colors, such as ionized Bronze. While the sporty Type S models now come with sideskirts colored body, and with 16 inch rim ring with a new design. As for the inside of the vehicle, model year 2011 will use a new finishing. As the use of Alcantara and leather front seats are standard features heated.

For machinery, the Model 2011 is not certain what will use a machine like. Because the 2.0-liter VTEC engine-powered 201 hp on the previous version, has been deemed no longer meet European emissions standards.

Shape the front bumper and air intake is clearly different than the current Civic. Thus even with a grille and chrome ornaments berkelir horizontal line that connects between the two headlights.
Headlamp is also fresh and looks more and more tapered than its predecessor generation. It is clear from just this side of the sporty Civic.

Fun, Models who have not experienced this refresher menglami price increase at all, aka the same as the old version.

"Updates and additions designed to enhance the appearance and comfort, the car will be present at no additional cost to the customer," said a press release. The car will be produced at Honda's plant in Swindon, England starting next month it will be released at a price of USD 22.187 or approximately USD 198 million.

reportedly, the new Civic was the fastest debut appearance in 2011 or spring 2012

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