MODIFIKASI Mazda 3 2007

MODIFIKASI Mazda 3 2007

completed look sporty Mazda 3. These figures make a single sedan hatchback from China who settled in Surabaya interested long heavy. "My wish only one that is changing the face of the Mazda 3 into MODIF themed street performances," said Chen, the owner.

As a result for embodied dreams, then bring to the booth modifications Chen Auto Fashion Darmo Indah Surabaya region.

There are a number of changes in ekterior side that makes it looks more attractive. Among applications for cutting sticker invisible plain body, and front bumper made of carbon fiber rear customed appear aligned. Not to forget bohlamp lights HID headlights pointing follows Altezza style taillights.

Included in the cabin, a touch of street performance seems minimal features. "The figure of the original is still modern. So quite a few parts that changed just, "I Chen. Seems hard seat mounting points Bride is the pedal set entrust Mazda Speed. Not to forget Handbrake and shiftknob pointed akseso Razo its performance appears to street style.

Pemanja sense of hearing, Chen changing circuitry touch rear mini home theater. The result RnB music sounds generated by the original headunit Mazda 3 feels lure after added a power-assisted 4 ch Extreme subwoofer. Not to forget the speakers and 6.5 Hifonic 10 inc inc increasingly provide clear voice on the audio system.

In harmony with the touch exterior makes manifestation Chen will flow themed street performance modifications appear to materialize. The results appear attractive legs after the wheels pointing R18 Rays are wrapped with 225/40-18 and 235/40-18 tires Acceleration to the rear
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