Daimler began marketing the Smart electric cars in the United States (U.S.). With the amount of 250 units, this little one started moving into big cities in the U.S. this year to lure the attention of consumers while enhancing product image.

As for the cities that receive rations from the Smart USA as the official dealer of Daimler AG, among others, Portland (Oregon), San Jose (California), Orlando (Florida), Indianapolis (Indiana), as well as throughout the Washington DC to Massachusetts.

Car weighing 770 kg (800 kg for the cabrio model) reinforced 3-cylinder gasoline engine in-line with a capacity of 999 cc. In a smart page mentioned there is also the added turbo engine and 799 cc diesel engine.

Smart ForTwo comes trasmisi 5-speed automated manual. Although the tiny car has a maximum speed of 145 km / h and sped 0-100 km / h less than 11 seconds.

Smart ForTwo is a tiny vehicle - dimenasi length 2.695 mm, 1.559 mm width, and height 1.565 mm - which is used for 2 passengers. Using a 3-cylinder engine in-line with a capacity of 999 cc engine capable of removing the power 61 hp at 5.800 rpm and torque of 89 Nm at 2.800 rpm.

Rudi said that for this first phase of the smart will be introduced in Jakarta and Bali. The selection of Bali due to the smart has a small dimension so that it matches with known narrow streets of Bali.

With emission levels only 116 g / km and fuel consumption is economical or less than 1 liter / 20 km and form small bodies, this car seemed to answer the needs of the world community, particularly people in countries where levels are very high levels of pollution, congestion and rising fuel prices.

Over time, the second generation Smart ForTwo appeared in 2006. This time the Smart ForTwo successfully created with 1.0L engine and only spends 3.4-liter to a distance of 100 km with a recommendation of gasoline with the octane level of 91. Even today the Smart ForTwo already exists that uses the electricity.

In May 2008 Smart ForTwo highest ratings in crash tests conducted Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the United States.

Cars with a length of 2.4 meters is the highest rating for front and side impact test. This is at once answered consumer fears that car small dimension vulnerable in case of fatal impact accident

.Smart ForTwo is priced starting at $ 12,000 or approximately Rp 120 million of this has become part of the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. Singer Robbie Williams and Kill Bill star Darryl is an example of Hollywood celebrities who are proud of the car is economical and environmentally friendly.

Smart Electric manufactured from 95 per cent of material that can be recycled. He also supplied lithium ion battery-powered 16.5-kilowatt per hour, the supply of Tesla Motors Inc., based in California.

"The core of the Smart Electric Daimler is evidence of continuation of the program. But its main purpose, this little special success in urban markets, such as large cities," says Jill Lajdziak, President of Smart USA, as reported by Autonews (10 / 6 / 2010).

Smart Fortwo electricity produced in Hambach, France, November 2009, represents the second generation. Product has been tested in several European cities, like Berlin and London. For the U.S. market, Smart began to go ahead in October.

For bulk sales, beginning in 2012 until the Smart is targeted at European markets, and the U.S., and then other parts of the country. In Indonesia, the Smart will begin to be marketed in Jakarta and Bali in November 2010. However, little is marketed is not a newfangled little electricity, but the conventional gasoline model.
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