Mitsubishi Motors Corp. makes a radical diversion from their initial plans. As rumored, they will produce reliable sedan, the Lancer Evolution XI, with the concept of plug-in hybrid. However, principals are now more emphasis in more recent technologies, the diesel hybrid. Considerations related to emissions regulations demand.

As we know, Mitsubishi sufficient incentive to develop environmentally friendly technology. Before announcing this new project, they first have worked on a hybrid system with a gasoline engine for the Evo. However, the special project is terminated. They assess the outlook is less good than diesel.

Now, Mitsubishi's engineers are working on diesel-electric hybrid technology system. That said, the noise sounds are in the lowest level compared to the character of the existing diesel.

Mitsubishi plan would be transplanting the drive hybrid system on AWD Evo. "This system can transmit power by 63 hp from an electric motor through the front wheels only, while the power is 320 hp turbocharged four-cylinder will drive the rear wheels," writes the site.

And when the work simultaneously, the electric motor and conventional meisn is capable of producing 350 horsepower is enough to make acceleration 0-100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. "This time is approximately four tenths faster than ordinary cars," said Motorauthority.

The use of an electric motor that can also move the Evo for short distances. And electric motors can also help acceleration at low meisn round. The system was also used on the Lexus GS and LS.

This car was also equipped with the Mitsubishi Evo-style handling S-AWC control system and drive mode that automatically change according to driving style riders.

With all the advanced features which is in the body, Lancer Evo XI is reportedly to reduce their exhaust emissions up to 140 mpg.

In addition to electric motors, Mitsubishi is also said to provide two additional high technology that is active steering and roll control suspension. Both of these features are intended to make the Evo more firmly flat on the asphalt and more nimble.

There has been no official statement from the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) with respect to this hybrid Evo. But the generation Evo XI scheduled to begin production in 2013.

Not only that, their performance was incredible. As mentioned, this hybrid diesel engine makes the car able to accelerate from 0-96 km / h in under five seconds. However, they did not mention the engine capacity and energy. In addition, CO2 emissions below 200 g / km.

Just like the cars now, all four wheels Evo-Hybrid Diesel is driven by the S-AWC, or Super All Wheel Control. It's kind of all-wheel drive system and has been applied in other Mitsubishi products, Outlander.

Not impossible, if this project goes smoothly, the next-generation Lancer Evo (XI) became the first sports sedans that use hybrid diesel technology.
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