MODIFIKASI Mazda 323 XGS Elite

MODIFIKASI Mazda 323 XGS Elite

Rendi dream car touring car will figure already long. But that desire is granted now faces a new Mazda 323 XGS-style faces made touring car racing. Whereas if views side and its base engine obviously people will not believe that this is equated 1986 Mazda 323 that is able to dress in the style of street racing.

How can this car be able to change the image? We see the creation of home modifications regionally-based Curve Kedung Asem Surabaya. The concept of her hand is R35 GTR.

To achieve this goal, the Yoni, the owner is relying padepokan Curve 0.8-mm plate as follows incorporation fiberglass material so that the concept really detail.

"From the curve the hood, front bumper, rear bumper up to the door," said the crew Tezar Curve. Aura sports car look attractive then painted the exterior angle Brilliant Orange Galaxy. Nothing seems plain then some parts added the following graphic striping entrust headlamp and rear custom Toyota Wish.

Entering the cabin, the style of racing touring apparent when doortrim, ceiling and floor mats wrapped body plate. Memo seat following points dasboard chose Toyota's Celica. For the steering wheel, this 1986 Mazda equated pointed Momo.

"To be a safe driver so I added interior roll bars," said Yoni. The legs seem in harmony with the body after Circle alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin rubber tires. "His touch typical touring car racing," said Yoni.

Rendy engines affairs took him to the Sharks Speed outlets. Here the kitchen runway XGS Mazda 323 Elite faces made by way of adding devices and engine HKS blow-off system Greedy. Typical of racing engines roar after mufflers customed
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