SPESIFIKASI Jeep Grand Cherokee

SPESIFIKASI Jeep Grand Cherokee

If only all the emblems and stickers removed the car's name, when viewed from the back side, you must have guessed Toyota Land Cruiser. Because bongsor fenders mounted on the car has become one of the characteristics of the Japanese SUV. The identity of the car was also more difficult to know because the upper side from the front, side and rear already wearing a hood.

In fact, the original vehicle is Jeep Grand Cherokee production in 2000. Knacks diverse set against the American SUV was making his features changed so bongsor. This is mainly because the use of 26-inch alloy wheels wrapped with tires size 305/30ZR26 Kumhp Road Venture.

Young (30), car owners, including the old players in the world of modification. Not surprisingly, his appearance Cherokee so much more macho. Interestingly, despite cool tire wear, the car can be invited to creep in mild off-road terrain because it is equipped with air suspension V-water brand.

With the use of super-cool tires, he was applying the change wide body. JK Wrangler reference is Style. Moreover, in addition to the front fenders have a small lamp that eye catching.

In order matching, bumper regenerated with a neat result that looks like a full original bumper. Then, projector head lamp black paint poured doff.

When tested on the road, a hot air balloon standard V-water suspension was not strong enough to hold the weight. The solution would need a bigger balloon with capacity two-fold. The installation did not experience any obstacles, including changes in the air tube 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons. In this way, then this could be invited to road SUV
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