American cars are usually identical to fuel wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. But Ford Motor Indonesia is trying to dismiss it as the Indonesian International Motor Show later.

Later, all models Ford has brought the machine is environmentally friendly, because it already supports bio-fuell engine, so it can drink the ethanol fuel.

The design of Ford's new Ranger seem slim at the same time sturdy. This impression seemed to reflect the existence of a significant effect on stage automotive exhibition. Not only is the new design, Ford ensures that new Ford Ranger has the advantage of power and fuel economy up to incredible ability pickup truck covers and cargo capacity prime attraction.

According to them, the new Ranger is not only developing an extensive legacy of Ranger skills, also gives the owner full interior features comfortable and airy and extraordinary driving experience that can be expected from a car.

For the choice of engine, Ford's new Ranger will consist of four engine options that gasoline engine with cylinder capacity of 2200 cc and diesel engines with cylinder capacity of 3200 cc. As well as the Duratec engine is equipped with a cylinder capacity 2,500 cc and engine capacity of 2,000 cc four-cylinder EcoBoost technology plus. Interestingly, it turns out Ford's new Ranger is actually not sold in North America.

"For the moment we have no plans to sell the new Ranger in the American region," said Vice President of Ford's global product development, Derrick Kuzak. In fact, the Ford Ranger is a product that is very popular with Americans.

In China and India, Ford sold 482,129 vehicles to date, which is an increase of 50 percent compared to the period from January to September 2009. Ford itself has invested a total of $ 4 billion since 2006 and employs more than 25,000 people in the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Ford also has been successful in Thailand, where there is strong demand for the Ford Fiesta, so that sales in Thailand rose more than threefold compared with the same month last year, an increase of 264 percent to 2049 units.

Ford Ranger reinforced with 3 variants of the 2.5-liter engine intercooled turbo, 2.5 liter Turbo Intercooler and VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), and 3.0 liter Turbointercooler and VGT.

Third kitchen runway had been taking Duratorq TDCi technology Commonrail impressive and has a torque of 330 Nm for large: 2.5-liter, while 380 Nm for the 3.0 liter.

Ford Ranger Reliability machine is not in doubt. Power issued a very large, up to the above-average pick-up other car with similar engine characteristics.

The existence of this new pick-up in early 2011 will certainly enliven the market pickup RI. Moreover the market pick-up in RI now been more colorful with a superior product which is claimed from each car manufacturer, such as the Strada Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan with Frontier, ToyotaHis Hilux.

"The engines we will have support B5 and E20, so it can drink the ethanol fuel to 20 percent," said Marketing Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia, Davy Tuilan, at the Hotel Nikko Jakarta, Tuesday (06/22/2010)

Davi explained, all of which will be on display models like the Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Focus and Ford Escape, has brought these biofuel technologies.

"In fact we also provide either a Ford Fiesta when IIMS biofuels later," he said.

However, when asked whether the well will be marketed, Davi still could not confirm the plan. Clearly, the presence of biofuel models are indeed adapted to the theme of this year's IIMS, Eco Technology Motoring.

Thus, apart from going to far more environmentally friendly, fuel containing 20 percent ethanol could make fuel consumption more efficient.

"But we're still waiting for the government to prepare its infrastructure, if it would be marketed," the lid.
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