SPESIFIKASI Mazda | Mobil Gullwing Ryuga

SPESIFIKASI Mazda | Mobil Gullwing Ryuga

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia will also spoil the end of automotive enthusiasts in the homeland. After all, mat Indonesian International Motor Show will be the premiere of the Mazda Ryuga concept car in Indonesia.

Ryuga which in Japanese means to flow generously, carried by the Mazda Ryuga concept, which was adopted from flowing Nagare concept.

The futuristic design, concentrating on the improvement and sophistication by combining high quality materials, excellent skills, innovative and highly detailed.

In fact, a prestigious award Louis Vuitton Classic Concept in 2007 was successfully achieved modil Japanese manufacturers who brought the spirit of 'Zoom-Zoom "is.

Ryuga is a four-passenger car capacity, but with a longer wheelbase than the Mazda RX8. Where space kokpitnya really like the cockpit of a futuristic fighter plane.

Although not officially given details about the machines that contain, but reportedly was carrying the Mazda Ryuga environmentally friendly engines E85 Flex Fuel.

Moreover, enhanced with features such as the gullwing doors gull wing, could at least divide the attention of visitors IIMS between the Mazda Ryuga, and Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS is also the same type door.

Curious? IIMS waiting patiently ya soon.
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