MODIFIKASI VW Golf GTI 1997 | Mobil GTI Tercepat

MODIFIKASI VW Golf GTI 1997 | Mobil GTI Tercepat

When carpet Texas Mile last year was held, everyone was shocked and laughed, when I saw a black VW Golf GTI Mk3 and dull participated in the queue along with the Ford GT, Porsche 911, Toyota Supra, and Lamborghini Gallardo.

For most viewers, which they saw was an old VW is all black, even just in terms of aerodynamic questioned many people.

However, when the starting line has been abandoned, all disparaging ridicule is immediately stopped. After a few moments, the crowd erupted into wild applause.

Why? They watched Jeremy Freedman driver behind the wheel of the VW GTI GTI cars bloat others, and became the GTI the world's fastest speed of 208 mph through or 334 km per hour. Compare the latest GTI Mk VI which has a top speed of 238 km per hour.

Assembly in the country nowadays has become the world's largest automobile market began with the use of local components from the Golf GTI as much as 80 percent.

Despite claims of sales volume is not something that is important, but the Group expects VW, GTI will donate 10 percent of VW's sales in China. "Golf GTI is a car full of emotion with target young buyers," added Vahland.

Corrosion is rare on a Golf, the which Speaks volumes for Volkswagen's rustproofing methods and the quality of the steel it uses. A GTI with rust Should scream "badly repaired accident damage" at you. Steer well clear, as a bent chassis will of probably have the caused misaligned panels and subsequent corrosion.

Introduction of Golf GTI is the recognition of a local assembly has been planned long ago by a team of global VW. Therefore, in addition Golf GTI, China will also be a target of seven new models of Volkswagen this year.

The Golf has a strong reputation for reliability, but it still has A Few That areas need to be checked carefully. One is the manual gearbox in high-mileage cars. These cans have worn bearings, the which need expensive repairs if there's a lot of noise from the gearbox, get it checked.

With the Mk IV cars, Consider the premium you are paying and ask yourself whether a Used SEAT or Skoda, Volkswagen Group, the which share similar underpinnings, may be better value.

Jeremy's been crazy racing since childhood. And it was poor across the local street races. "I'm addicted to trying to speed, I want to be the fastest out there," he said, as reported by Eurotuner, Monday (06/21/2010).

He bought a VW GTI V6 output in 1997, after his father died. A GTI is considered to be perfect from New Mexico, which he brought home with a ride up in Texas.

Blood racing career makes him remodel his favorite GTI innards of the machine, starting from the cams, intake, chip up to the exhaust, to be encouraged on a regular basis at the Drag Strip at the weekend.

He also wanted to install superharger on the GTI, but changed his mind after finding out their side effects, until finally he chose to install the turbo kit alone.

Jeremy is also not only has a ten-year-old machine, but also maintain a five-speed manual transmission on his GTI.

The result, VW GTI Turbo 1997 Jeremy's 3.0-liter turbo-capacity has been kept behind the devastating power hood, which reaches 800 hp.
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