SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi seems to not want half measures when it presents a type family car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Toughness, the capacity of many, luxury, and fuel economy, packaged in a package labeled PajeroSport.

That is the impression gained when detikOto SUV variants that have tested the platform of this Triton Strada. Exceed Pajero Sport 4x2 A / T was free to traverse the route from Jakarta to Carita, Cilegon, Jakarta.

Technical Specifications:

Types Sport : Utility

VehiclePassenger capacity of : seven people

Diesel engine type DOHC Common Rail DI-D Intercooler Turbocharger

Engine capacity : of 2500 cc four-cylinder inline

Power : 136 ps maximum

The peak torque of 314 nm

Features : ABS, EBD, Hybrid LSD, Dual SRS airbags

Price U.S. $ 370 million On The Road

Look outside, other than a typical car berbodi bongsor adventurers, but the gaharnya sweetened by luxury design nuances, such as the chrome-accented front grille vertical, also with equivalent halogen lamp protector, as well as three-diamond logo at its center.

Entry into the cabin, the Pajero Sport presents a fairly broad view of the future, despite the high dimension of this car. Also directly created by the luxury feel of leather upholstery and dashboard of the elegant setting.

Clusternya meter is easy to read, as well as monitor can center that facilitates the driver's instrument panel, where it displayed a variety of information such as average fuel consumption, remaining fuel mileage, air temperature, and various
other vehicle information.

And driving comfort, you will be very awake with a pounding audio from six speakers who yahud. Especially with the control switches on the steering wheel, making the operation easier. But unfortunately the audio did not support USB connection.

Ignited engines, diesel engines roar sounds typical. But it all vanished when it was in the cabin. So also with the vibrations that are usually found on diesel engined cars capable of well-muted.

Across the highway from Jakarta to Merak, Pajero Sport performance exhibited in the affairs of engine power. Although at low rpm, the car ran a bit heavy to be taken, but everything changed after the number passed 2000 RPM.

2500 cc engine DOHC Common Rail Diesel-D IN Intercooler Turbocharger that is embedded behind the hood of the Pajero Sport can really take car was running with a stable, so that the speedometer needle can reach 160 km
per hour.

Also equally interesting is the equivalent of that capitalize suspension independent double-wishbone suspension, with coil spring and stabilizer at the front, and three link coil spring with stabilizer at the rear.

With legs like that, the Pajero Sport suspension still feels soft, but did not make the car dizziness. Whether on the highway, or when crossing Highway Anyer full of holes.

Not to mention his LSD Hybrid feature, which can provide a response that makes the difference rotation and torque between left and right wheels on the axle. This feature ensures power stays on each wheel even though one wheel on slippery surfaces though.

An ergonomic seating position, the practical control thanks to the automatic transmission, and supporting soft suspension, making hundreds of kilometers of the route as far as comfortable to traverse with the Pajero Sport.

We loved the softness of the suspension is not to make the car staggered, but does not like the low round of heavy acceleration.

However, with a price tag of USD 370 million On The Road, you will not be disappointed family adventure!
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