SPESIFIKASI BMW 325i | Stabil 240 Km/Jam

SPESIFIKASI BMW 325i | Stabil 240 Km/Jam

Here's a new variant of PT BMW Indonesia, as car manufacturers BMW in the homeland. Certainly it looks like not much different, but see dong, behind there emblemnya, 325i. That's the difference, not only the new runway kitchen, there are again some sectors were experiencing increasing compared to the previous three series. The BMW 325i is sold for Rp 680 million (on the road, Jakarta).

Like other variants of origin berlambang propeller manufacturer that, in the trunk of the BMW 325i is not going to find spare wheel.

Because already using tires RFT Run Flat Tire alias which was when deflated could still be used up to 150 kilometers with a maximum speed of 80 km / hr.

That similarity, another similar case, of course with the previous three series, namely the body as a whole is still the same as 320i or 330i. However, there is new equipment on this BMW 325i.

On the roof there is a sunroof as standard. So even on the headlamps, Daytime Running Lamp, similar to other German origin of a mount, Audi. So, angel eyesnya so remain lit during the day.
To play it live settings easily on the iDrive button on the center console. This button can also be used to set the TV, radio, CD, Hard disks and navigation systems and other devices.

But the attraction of the new engine which now brings four door sedan was shot, right? Inline 6 cylinder engine 2497 cc, with a maximum power of 218 rpm and peak torque dk/6.500 Nm/2.750 250 rpm. 6-cylinder engine is quite smooth vibration, but the pull of baseball as smooth as a matter of vibration.

To escape from rest to 100 km / h, just 8.3 seconds. Obviously these results the role of the gearbox 6 acceleration. This transmission, there is the additional facility is also on the BMW 325i.

Besides can be moved manually on the lever shifter, there are also buttons on the wheel circumference. With this manual setting of course the driver can play with the spin machine. Moreover, this machine was fierce in the rotation above 4500 rpm, maintaining live rounds in it, more quickly pull can be done, especially when overtaking on a steep incline. Understandably at the bottom round, still feels less responsive engine.

Problem maneuvering and stability, just the same as the other three series, a suspension that feels somewhat hard it was created to provide stability when racing on the sedan with a top speed of 240 km / hour.

But in the big bumpy roads or potholes bantingannya reduction can still be relied upon to keep the shocks.

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