creativity Toyota Tokyo Design Studio, which describes a future radically change the shape of a car minivan.

Designer inspired by fast train and riverboat Japan in Tokyo.

In the center console there is a bonsai plants that are likely to reflect the concept of 'Going Green' from Toyota.

Kijang Innova Type G is the medium variant that looks similar to the type V. Grilnya coated chrome, front bumper fitted with fog lamps. Meanwhile, the interior design together with type E, but there are additional equipped with captain seats, 2-DIN audio that can play MP3 and WMA, parking sensor, and a rim made from special alloys.

As for the gasoline engine capacity of 2,000 cc 16 valve DOHC VVT-i (variable valve timing with Intellegence), like its predecessor generation. Type G manual gasoline cost Rp 228.1 million.

In the machinery sector, for example, the Altis is now using DUAL VVT-i engine (Variable Valve Timing Intelligence) for both types of engines, either a 1.8-liter or 2.0 liter type.

Previously, data from the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) which was released in early August and then called, during July 2009, sales of Toyota Kijang Innova ranks third in the top 10 with sales of 3205 units

"Additional features Altis done with the latest transmission technology using Super CVT-i with 7-speed Sequential Sport Shift (in variant 2.0 VA / T and 1.8 GA / T)," said Business Editor Risson Ramdhani Car & Tuning Guide.

Add Intercooler

Upon seeing the look of a man named Kijang Innova original Ardianto, we half do not believe that it can be economical MPV. Imagine, manufactured 2005, yes a bit old and automatic transmission as well. Then, the four-wheel wear and tire size 235/70-R16 patterned to scratch the ground terrain off-road alias. When looking back, exhaust tip for an adult male calf.

"In the body there is damping as much as 30 sheets. Same thing with two adults. Not to mention the anti-rust spray," a little rich-bodied men had opened the talks. Then, when the race, the 34-year-old bachelor is still accompanied by two people, "One adult and one child, plus carrying goods," he said.

more not believe that Innova can reach 14.702 km / liter when the hood is opened. Turbo system was little changed. Among other things, the addition of intercooler that serves to cool the air. "If before the warm air into the engine, now a cold," commented in the automotive field.

Other changes, looking at the exhaust system. Slightly larger diameter pipe and bend not broken so that the breathing machine more smoothly. Thus, the turbo to work at lower engine speed. Unichip engine management given type Q.

From polished it, jack D4D engine power of 102 hp to 138 hp. Likewise, torque, an increase of 215 Nm to 253 Nm.

With such changes, logically, the fuel consumption would be more wasteful. In fact, Antonio managed to win the race with 1 liter of gasoline can travel a distance of 14.702 km. "I was also surprised, how the results can be that much," said Antonio.

Eco Drive

Anton said the key to success because, during the route from Jakarta to Ciwideuy, West Java, applying the driving force Eco Drive. "We must know the character of the machine. Then during the trip to maintain maximum torque of each tooth," he said.

Not only that. In doing acceleration must follow the rhythm of the machine. That is, without having to pounding, especially Kijang Innova is equipped with drive by wire technology, when the gas pedal, it is wasteful.

Then, when crossing the road toll climbs in Cipularang long enough, Antonio move the transmission from D to figure 3 (gear 3). And it is only done once.

How do sudden braking energy is wasted. Then, when stopped for more than a minute, you should stick transmission is shifted into neutral. If you still let in D, besides temperature hot ATF, also is wasted energy.

The door is transparent and there is also a panoramic roof that provides stunning views. There is also a little chair that can rotate 360 ° which will surely appeal to kids.

If this is an MPV, the Toyota Innova which has a best-selling MPV fox, design above may not be a second generation of the Innova but it could become the third generation of the Innova

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