MODIFIKASI Nissan Skyline

For the umpteenth time displayed Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. But, this one is saying the most full-spec throughout Indonesia. This is not the claim of Mr X confidential owner who asked his name but a recognition of some home modification partner.

Want to know, the funds spent on promoting the appearance and strength of this two-door Nissan? The numbers, almost touching the Rp1 billion. "He (Mr. X) know true car modification. Everything is full HKS from the engine to other small things" from the garage Skytech Teddu said Semarang.

Of all the changes, the most radical replacement of the kitchen with a pacemaker RB26DETT RB28DET HKS. To get it, Mr.X had to wait three months. capital pocket that was not the least, about 300 millions.

Larger 200 cc capacity and its development base from Nismo N1 Block created to have a stronger structure and hold friction. Particularly R34 is also crammed with SPL TO4Z HKS turbo kit. Spec racing wear specially made titanium turbine blades, which provide benefits reduced turbo lag.

Dijabani any control airflow via an external wastegate HKS GT2 with cam V-Cam Pro torn to work on 5000 rpm spin. So as to inflate the energy in the run-down trosi.

Only until the engine alone. No, the body is replaced with artificial Nismo. Even the air dam in front of more than body kit Nismo Z-tune. Display, in addition to cool and aggressive, because the body is also lightweight CFRP material made of a mixture or a mixture of plastic and glass fibers, making cars lighter and stronger body. seting, bumper consists of front and rear and side skirts close to Rp50 million.

Because of the enormous mechanical power, Mr. X chose to use gearbox model box dog or dogs drive. Movement of each tooth when it was the road without pressing the clutch pedal (with engine speed that has been determined) due to wear baseball synchronize.

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