MODIFIKASI Suzuki X-Over 2009

MODIFIKASI Suzuki X-Over 2009

Blending elements of sports, compact SUVs seem thick faced Suzuki X Over. But the Suzuki Crossover create Fadly face is feasible also transformed with a touch of elegance. "Want to change the face of the X-Over become more luxurious," said the Platypus is single club.

Creative Fashion Auto home modification was successful deliver well meaning elegant luxury in cars 'unique' is.

Wrap elegant nuances apparent after following behind the front bumper fiberglass sidekirt untouched. Plain invisible body grafis menggubakan cutting sticker tribal with barium oracle. "It took a week to design the exterior," said Fadly. Not to forget aseso DAD as a form of elegant aura will find some parts of which side fender emblems, hood and front end plate numbers.

Sign in cabin cars, it won the best small SUV in the arena of contest these modifications seem appealing to refer the passenger seat leather sofa model MB Tech. Kian evoke a touch of elegance then DAD follow-up aseso perched on the Suzuki derivative 2009.
"Starting perfume, pedal sets, tassel, mirror, place tissue typical DAD nuanced," says single people who inhabit the region Jl. Surabaya Tanjung Pinang.

Fadly spoiling the sense of hearing with a touch of rear turn a mini-home theater. The result is an innate head unit is connected to the power X-Over Performance and Soundstream to maximize the output signal generated by the speakers voice and Coaxial Soundstream Cello. Coupled with the steady thump Soundstream woofer.

If we have a close look at the outside and in the following audio, this time turn Fadly legs trying to perform optimally. "Let two times instead of new wheels that fit this pattern," he said. Estatus 20-inch alloy wheels appear bandaged Achilles ATR Sport rubber tires sunk into the back fender after a sokbeker dicustom.
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