Toyota Prius may be going off a car title after the presence of her brother namely teririt Auris hybrid.

Toyota UK is sure going to start marketing the Hybrid Toyota Auris in Europe beginning next July. On sale from £ 18 950 Toyota will produce as many as 30 thousand units annually.

Attendance Hybrid Toyota Auris, which is the first hybrid car produced by Toyota in Europe alone would be an advantage for the European consumer. With it, consumers can choose Toyota cars that can better save the contents of pockets for the fuel business.

Note, however, offer more through Auris Toyota Hybrid. Consumption Toyota Auris Hybrid fuel is more efficient than Toyota Prius GEN3 Hybrid sedan.

Auris hybrid version uses a 1,800 cc petrol engine VVT-i and electric motors. Combined conventional engine and electric motor that produces 134 horsepower power, "said Toyota's press release.

While acceleration from rest (0 km per hour) to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour (kpj) was achieved within 11.4 seconds. While the maximum speed of 181 kpj. Toyota calls, when using 15-inch alloy wheels fuel consumption to 3.8 liters of 200 kilometers (km) and only 89 grams of CO2 emissions per km.

If used 17-inch alloy wheels, fuel consumption 4 liters for 100 km and 93 grams of CO2 emissions per km. "Emissions from eco-friendly engine NOx Auris was significantly lower than the diesel-engined car class," said Toyota.

In fact, if only using the electric motor CO2 emission level is really zero percent. With electric motors, the Auris is able sped up to speeds 48 kpj.

Happenings supporting features, Toyota said, both have features that are not much different. Only in Spirit there is the addition of T type.

Standard features of the version of T4, among others, climate control devices, six speakers with a compact disc player, radio, MP3 player, USB and Aux in, fog lamps, seven airbags, including knee airbags for the driver, Hill start asisst control, vehicle stability control , as well as traction control devices.

While the additional features in the type T Spirit, among others, cruise control, bluetooth, twilight lights, rear camera display, and the smart entry and start.

Official records can detikOto from Toyota site, Tuesday (29/06/2010) Hybrid Toyota Auris was able to walk about 26 km with one liter of gasoline, while the Toyota Prius Hybrid is only 22 km with one liter of gasoline.

Whereas both these vehicle models adopt the same machine that is the engine capacity of 1800 cc VVT-i that can be power by 98 hp at 5200 rpm, and an electricity generator can give off energy equal to 80 hp.

This occurs because the Auris is smaller and more efficient than the Prius features. As a result, in addition to more efficient, Auris is also more efficient in the bag.

While in terms of environmentally friendly, both cars are relatively successful in the world automotive market. With the latest technology, Toyota Auris and Prius Hybrid Hybrid is claimed is very friendly environment by removing the CO2 emissions by 89 grams per kilometer.

Far more environmentally friendly than cars from Europe and other manufacturers who averaged only CO2 emissions could be up to 90-100 grams per kilometer, even more.

With the result that, if the hunchback is environmentally friendly, able to hybrid Auris rival the prestige of the Prius Hybrid for business efficiency

Hybrid Auris has been able to attract the attention of European consumers. Moreover, small cars more official recognition by European consumers such as England and Germany.

Toyota plans to market the Auris Toyota Hybrid to 32 countries around the world. This is part of Toyota's plans to produce 1 million hybrid cars per year.
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