Recall the Suzuki Grand Vitara 46.549 units model year 2006 and XL-7 model years 2005 -2006 to repair potential problems on the hydraulic power assist steering system pump.

Although from the exterior, the Grand Vitara 2.4L is a minor change from the previous model 2.0L. So there is no noticeable difference, although the look grille and front bumper is more sporty. Other changes, folding rear view mirror that has been equipped sein, done electronically.

The main use of HID lamps (high intensity discharge) projector that features auto leveling and auto headlamps. Thus, the position of the lamp will be set automatically when there is a change in the body (for carrying passengers or loads). Then, the light will turn itself off when the lighting on the outside began to decrease (slightly darker). This superiority of the Grand Vitara 2.4L that is not owned competitors.

More economical and rigid

For machinery, the increase in capacity of 2,000 cc, logically, ought to 2,400 cc would be more wasteful. When Kompas.com do a test drive with a route of Yogyakarta, Semarang, Salatiga-national tour through the region of Mount Merapi, Central Java, which is full rise and turn, consumption of 11.8 km / liter.

While car manufacturers claim 12.6 km for the manual transmission, 3.6 km farther than the kitchen runway 2,000 cc to 1 liter (manual transmission). More economical engine 16V 2400 cc inline 4-This, according to Bebin Djuana engine management is supported. "So, this machine is contrived for the Grand Vitara 2.4. In the Japanese had just launched about 10 months ago, "said Deputy GM Brand Marketing 4W II PT SIM.

Management engine in question, according to program them Bebin ECU (engine control unit) and VVT (variable valve timing). This last technology that regulates open-close valves in accordance with the engine working conditions. That way, work becomes more efficient machine.

The question mark, why this new Vitara inline engine wear? instead of a V6 engine vibration is more subtle than inline. But the weights, inline lighter. Grand Vitara and consideration inline engine wear, according Bebin to reduce the cost of production. To reduce vibration in inline been given a balancer shaft.

Besides the engine, on the legs also received improvements. Most significantly, the use of larger wheels from R17 to R18. For suspension systems, "Technically, the system has not changed. Only on the design of screw (coil spring) and sokbreker. Then, on the rear axle mounting bracket with the front hydraulic and further strengthened (reinforced). "So the car became more rigid in the corner," said Bebin.

Still from the legs, to the rate freeze, all four wheels are equipped with four ventilated disc brakes plus ABS, EDB and BA.

For the interior is almost no difference as its predecessor. Unless Multi Information Display (MID) fused with isntrumen indicators. While the previous hour in the center moved to the head unit.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the problem involves a set of plastic pulley drive voltage steering pump drive belt and compressor AC. Heat happens constantly experiencing change and cause damage plastics over time. Can even shattered. Fragments that could cause the belt off and make a difficult driver to drive her car.

Car owners affected by this issue are invited to come to the nearest dealer for free repair. Voltage regulator pulley belt replaced.
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