brand shiny black car was pretty silent in the corner of Mercedes-Benz factory in Wanaherang, Bogor, West Java. That's the AMG or Si SLS Mercy Gull. Mercy mainstay super sports cars sold USD 4.7 billion on the road in Jakarta, nothing less and nothing more.

However, any advantage to the enjoyment of sports cars, to the Mercedes-Benz cars that dare to thrust into the most powerful safety car at Formula 1's traffic. Well, detikOto try give it to you.

Visible from the outside, feeling like the gas pedal is connected to the engine capacity of 6208 cc DOHC 32 valve V8 is very large. When the wave concept gullwing doors manually, the sports car aura began to be felt and is very thick blanketed the car could only accommodate two passengers.

Interior side pinned only two colors, dark red and black genuine leather. Not thinking straight racing seats occupied. Mmm, nice.

Unfortunately the passenger cabin rather narrow, it's because this car really brings the concept of racing, do not hope you can find a cabin that relief here.

Differences with Nascar race car, AMG SLS no roll bars in the cabin.

From the monitoring detikOto, the interior is not like Mercy is generally used to provide features wah. Features entertainment which carried similar car for USD 160-320 million. Call it like a DVD player and other supporting features such as radio FM / AM can be monitored via the display on the console front.

But yes it was, this car especially for you who want speed.

How, in view of the driver. Well, if you're a little short stature, you'd better be careful driving.

Therefore, the long engine hood to make your point of view was closed. Moreover, the seat arrangement can not be elevated, just back and forth which is operated manually.

The roar of the engine belching power with the support of 563 bhp 479 lb-ft of torque starting to sound up to the passenger cabin, as a sign of Engine Start button on the center console.

Car body trembled slightly, but the fact it was not unusual for SLS AMG-sized car.

Features of i-drive is played to 'D', the car was ready for searched. When pressed gas pedal, the car drove very fast.

Insane, within two seconds just stepped on the number of kilometers needle 90 km / hr. That result reinforces the claim that the Mercedes-Benz says the car can go from the point of rest to 100 km per hour with a time of three seconds. It was awesome and full of prestige.

In terms of braking, the car was quite reliable. Because, in all four legs break dics modific wide grip with congenital piston factory.

Unfortunately, experience with SLS AMG can not be much longer. SLS can not be explored more deeply, by reason of the testing at the factory who are not qualified for such a sports car.

From what we feel, a super sports car is really worth to have lovers of fast cars and pocket thick. Surely everyone was stunned to see you drive this car on the street
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