SPESIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz V350

SPESIFIKASI Mercedes-Benz V350

MPV market that increasingly crowded homeland makes PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI), the more optimistic. For the more competitive, the plan of PT MBI will assemble VianoV350 in Indonesia.

However, there are conditions. Mercedes-Benz V350 will be assembled on the ground water if the target car sales Mercy V350 and V220 can buy up to 150 units by the end of 2010 in Indonesia.

"For more competitive in the class we'll CKD MPV's V350. However, if sales of V350 and V220 as many as 150 units is reached until the end of this year. We'll see until the end of the year," said CEO of MBI, Rudi Borgenheimer the sidelines of a special international golf tournament Mercedes-Benz owners in Senayan, Jakarta (07/05/2010).

Currently, Mercy Vaino V350 has picked up 20 per cent local content. Parts of which include seats, DVD, body parts, and panelwood located in the interior. If you have CKD, mean Mercy V350 ASIA regulation must exceed 40 percent local content.

"Because you will not be able to get features like V-Class is the Toyota Alphard," he said while talking to journalists at the booth Mercedes-Benz, in IIMS, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (27/07/2010).

Therefore, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia also will work to V350 can be assembled in Indonesia in the near future. So if that's already realized, the volume of 600 units per year is a realistic figure to achieve.

However, although the later is locally assembled or CKD, but Rudi said the selling price will not change significantly. "But we can add features, making it more competitive," he said.

The presence of V350 as a premium family car is indeed expected to be a confirmation as champions of the Mercedes-Benz premium brand in the country. Therefore, the figure of 150 units for this year serve as a target V350.

V350 comes with its own luxury, which is guaranteed to make your family feel very comfortable in his cabin. Powered by a 3.5-liter V6, with 258 hp power, this car provides a roomy cabin space with luxurious features.

V350 on display at this time is the generation IIMS most gres. Besides having a roomy cabin, seats in the second row MPV also features 10-inch LCD entertainment devices with DVD player.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz complete with a cool box, Thermotronic 4 zone automatic climate control, and automatic temperature control result, the price tag of USD 1.249 billion worth issued for bve appointed to the garage.

V350 MPV class has advantages such as carrying capacity of the engine 3500 cc DOHC engine which can give off power 258 hp at 5900 rpm, while torque is 340 Nm at sticking 2500-5000 rpm.

The length of 4.755 meters namely V350 MPV, while the width is 1640 meters and 1910 meters high. V350 MPV will be biting premuim directly with the Toyota Alphard MPV and Nissan Elgrand in RI.

"But this car offers the advantages of the Indonesian family," said Rudi.
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