MODIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX 2003

MODIFIKASI Subaru Impreza WRX 2003

Indeed, Subaru Impreza have strong characteristics, namely a car rally with her signature color is blue. But this belongs to Ian Ferandi has changed 180 degrees into a stylish racing style wheel plus fingers. "I can get bored with the old concepts. Might be different with colored lights and custom body kits for eye catching," said 19-year-old teenagers who live in Surabaya.

Indeed, the Subaru Impreza WRX in 2003 was forced to be a fashionista. Use body kit looks a lot grooves firmly. In fact, exterior look into the boxes.

Can be glimpsed from the front bumper plus an extra large air dam located right in the middle. The goal, more air flow to the intercooler Greddy products. Plus the pillars in the water right and the left side scoop. "To be balanced with the center scoop water," said Ian. Accents such as the pillars are also located on the side skirts.

In order matching, the engine hood scoop has also been increased with water. But not to break down, just extra taped. The model pointed to near gril that when viewed between the engine hood scoop water and gril be sustainable.

"Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line Automatic is the perfect choice for those who want the ease and convenience of automatic transmission system with the ability to drive high-performance level.

We are also proud to give you what Indonesia wants. "Said Group Chief Executive, Motor Image Group, Glenn Tan, in a release received Legal.

WRX STI A-Line powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter DOHC Boxer a new and very responsive. With the integration of 5-Speed Manual Transmission Auto and Technology with lever activator; also equipped with Variable Torque Distribution and Vehicle Dynamics Control system for perfect control and stability.

For extra comfort and a smoother ride, comes as standard is the 8-way power adjustable driver seat (8 way adjust passenger seating.) And for the WRX STI A-Line this stylish, there are now new color "Satin White Pearl '(Pearl Satin Puith) together with a choice of 3 colors other interesting : silver (steel), dark gray and black

To painting, Ian collectors trinkets Subaru no playing one color. Rer fused cherry candy color tone and Spies Hecker helois so yellow from the main menu. This is indeed the color desired cool Ian that every stopped at a light beacon all eyes are on her car.

Problem detail, Ian chose workmanship with water brush technique. Not too complicated, quite firmly with stripes in surounding gray body color. "With the water brush, we can play as they pleased and colors can be combined with the color of the car," proud of Ian.

Just play paint it! No other changes appear on the main lights and stop (stop) which is replaced with the MY07 STI. The differences appear in the cradle and the color inside.

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Honda will start marketing the new model of Honda Accord facelift for the U.S. market next August, with two types of coupe and sedan options.

While for the choice of engines, relatively unchanged. Honda's engineers to revise only small parts, such as reduction in friction between components, gear ratios and aerodynamic.

The engine is available in a choice of 2.4 liter, 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC in the Accord EX and EX-L sedan and the Accord LX-S, EX and EX-L Coupe with power reaching 190 dk. Four-cylinder engine and 2.4-liter i-VTEC in the Accord LX, LX-P and SE sedan produces 177 dk.

Also available 3.5-liter engine choices, 24-valve SOHC i-VTEC V-6 technology to produce 271 hp with Variable Cylinder Management TM (VCM).

With VCM technology, the number six cylinder under the hood peg Accord can be disabled until a half of the cylinder, to improve fuel efficiency.

Thus, the efficiency has improved its fuel usage, which increased to 10 percent for four-cylinder engine and five percent for the V6 engine.

Accord exterior facelift with new front bumper design is intended to make the vehicle look more aggressive, especially with the sharp look of the headlamp.

While inside the cabin, features such as spy cameras, USB connect, memory seat position, and the paddle shift can be found in the cabin space of this latest facelift Accord.

"Accord facelift evolved again with sharp style inside and out, the more efficient fuel consumption and an increasingly popular feature," said Vice President of Corporate Planning and Logistics for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Erik Berkman, in a press release, Wednesday (30 / 6 / 2010).

Honda Accord facelift will hit the U.S. market in mid-August, so unfortunately until now Honda has not released its official selling price.

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SPESIFIKASI Nissan Juke | Masuk Indonesia

SPESIFIKASI Nissan Juke | Masuk Indonesia

Juke Nissan receives positive when he began to be marketed in Japan.The car that has a controversial design would try his luck in the Indonesian market.

Exactly next year, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia will start marketing cars intercross results SUVs and sports cars in Indonesia.

"Nissan's global vehicle Juke including us, which we will also be marketed in Indonesia next year, "said Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. CEO Carlos Ghosn, in Hotel Four Seasons, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/29/2010)

menMesin it is claimed capable of spraying power up to 188 horsepower and 177 lb ft of torque. However, Nissan's transmission system provides two options. First, the Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) with S-Mode with six levels of acceleration. Second, devices with a six-speed manual transmission that can be found in the type SV and SL FWD FWD.

"While most economical type, which consumes only 27 miles per gallon (one liter per 11.52 kilometers) in city and 32 miles per gallon (one liter to 13.84 kilometers) on the highway for FWD CVT type," said NMC .

Safety and comfort features are also quite complete. Ranging from six airbags, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan Navigation System navigation device equipped with XM NavTraffic Real-Time Traffic Information, to the Integrated Control (I-Con). Last device it serves to help the driver to choose the style of driving. There are three choices of style, that is normal, Sport, and Eco.

While the outside looks macho appearance thanks to the use of alloy wheels measure 17 inches from the alloy material. Body is streamlined and more than others and adopt a sports car design.

"We believe the unique blend between the outside view that adopting a sports car with the chic interior design and latest technology support, and price is below U.S. $ 19 thousand (approximately USD 171 million), this crossover will grow rapidly in the marketplace," said Al Castignetti , General Manger Nissan North America.

From design, guaranteed to all people will glance at this car, especially with the front face of dynamic and full of curves, but still muscular and sporty look.

Especially with the headlight design is very prominently located on both sides of the bumper, while the evening light and Sein instead placed thereon on both sides of the hood.

Entry into the cabin, another could be seen. Interior design especially the width of the center console between the front seats are inspired by the form of a motorcycle gas tank.

Nissan Juke have several choices of engine, both gasoline and diesel. With a capacity of 1.6 liter four-cylinder-powered 107 dk or engine-powered 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 122 dk.

Counterpart of these machines will be mated with a four-speed automatic transmission or manual with five and six levels of acceleration, having a two wheels and 4WD. There are also options Xtronic CVT transmission with the S-Mode and 6-speed manual tarnsmisi.

All variants feature Juke Nissan has been carrying the Intelligent Key with Push buttom Ignition, GPS, six airbags, technology Vahicle Dynamic Control (VDC), as well as rear view monitor.
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SPESIFIKASI Nissan March | Meluncur Akhir Tahun

SPESIFIKASI Nissan March | Meluncur Akhir Tahun

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia will be more aggressive in extending its homeland in the automotive market. This is evidenced by a new model that will soon be marketed, the Nissan March.

That in the global market hatchback known as the Nissan MICRA is planned to be introduced to the market later this year, with production about to begin in November.

"March is the perfect vehicle for Indonesia, lightweight, and has a modern design, with fuel-efficient, "said President. Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Jakarta, Tuesday (06/29/2010) Earlier, Thailand's first goto the March quota, with a choice of two versions of the standard five-speed manual that dibanderol worth USD 106 million, as well as a luxury version with an automatic CVT transmission USD 155 million.

Nissan March has smaller dimensions than Livina, a capacity compact 1.2-liter engine, 3 cylinder DOHC, which is claimed as a machine that had carried the eco-car.

Unfortunately, Nissan would not divulge specifications and price range will negoitable for the Indonesian market, took place months before the mat IIMS front

March Specifications

Engine capacity 1198 cc

Power 58 kW maximum

Maximum torque 106 Nm

Long 3780 mm

Width 1665 mm

High 1515 mm
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Toyota Prius may be going off a car title after the presence of her brother namely teririt Auris hybrid.

Toyota UK is sure going to start marketing the Hybrid Toyota Auris in Europe beginning next July. On sale from £ 18 950 Toyota will produce as many as 30 thousand units annually.

Attendance Hybrid Toyota Auris, which is the first hybrid car produced by Toyota in Europe alone would be an advantage for the European consumer. With it, consumers can choose Toyota cars that can better save the contents of pockets for the fuel business.

Note, however, offer more through Auris Toyota Hybrid. Consumption Toyota Auris Hybrid fuel is more efficient than Toyota Prius GEN3 Hybrid sedan.

Auris hybrid version uses a 1,800 cc petrol engine VVT-i and electric motors. Combined conventional engine and electric motor that produces 134 horsepower power, "said Toyota's press release.

While acceleration from rest (0 km per hour) to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour (kpj) was achieved within 11.4 seconds. While the maximum speed of 181 kpj. Toyota calls, when using 15-inch alloy wheels fuel consumption to 3.8 liters of 200 kilometers (km) and only 89 grams of CO2 emissions per km.

If used 17-inch alloy wheels, fuel consumption 4 liters for 100 km and 93 grams of CO2 emissions per km. "Emissions from eco-friendly engine NOx Auris was significantly lower than the diesel-engined car class," said Toyota.

In fact, if only using the electric motor CO2 emission level is really zero percent. With electric motors, the Auris is able sped up to speeds 48 kpj.

Happenings supporting features, Toyota said, both have features that are not much different. Only in Spirit there is the addition of T type.

Standard features of the version of T4, among others, climate control devices, six speakers with a compact disc player, radio, MP3 player, USB and Aux in, fog lamps, seven airbags, including knee airbags for the driver, Hill start asisst control, vehicle stability control , as well as traction control devices.

While the additional features in the type T Spirit, among others, cruise control, bluetooth, twilight lights, rear camera display, and the smart entry and start.

Official records can detikOto from Toyota site, Tuesday (29/06/2010) Hybrid Toyota Auris was able to walk about 26 km with one liter of gasoline, while the Toyota Prius Hybrid is only 22 km with one liter of gasoline.

Whereas both these vehicle models adopt the same machine that is the engine capacity of 1800 cc VVT-i that can be power by 98 hp at 5200 rpm, and an electricity generator can give off energy equal to 80 hp.

This occurs because the Auris is smaller and more efficient than the Prius features. As a result, in addition to more efficient, Auris is also more efficient in the bag.

While in terms of environmentally friendly, both cars are relatively successful in the world automotive market. With the latest technology, Toyota Auris and Prius Hybrid Hybrid is claimed is very friendly environment by removing the CO2 emissions by 89 grams per kilometer.

Far more environmentally friendly than cars from Europe and other manufacturers who averaged only CO2 emissions could be up to 90-100 grams per kilometer, even more.

With the result that, if the hunchback is environmentally friendly, able to hybrid Auris rival the prestige of the Prius Hybrid for business efficiency

Hybrid Auris has been able to attract the attention of European consumers. Moreover, small cars more official recognition by European consumers such as England and Germany.

Toyota plans to market the Auris Toyota Hybrid to 32 countries around the world. This is part of Toyota's plans to produce 1 million hybrid cars per year.
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Volkswagen continues to develop a model of its flagship hatchback, Golf GTI. The plan, the latest or the seventh generation of Golf GTI will first appear next to the public in 2012.

However, the figure could be our first peek, though it must be disguised by a layer of tin bodywork and a rim, but it is clear that the development is running.

Carscoop as reported on Tuesday (6/29/2010) Golf GTI MK7 will perform more specialized, efficient, and according to internal sources VW, will substantially

This seventh-generation Golf GTI will use the MQB platform which comes with a longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs.
MQB a flexible platform will be used on the VW Group models, including the next Audi A3, which is expected to be revealed in the year 2011 figures end or early 2012.

Golf Mk 7 will display the latest generation of gasoline engines with turbocharged direct injection turbo diesel and fuel-efficient, ranging from the 1.2 TSI to
upgraded version of the GTI 2.0 TSI and 'R' for AWD sports model.

Given that VW has not yet started to test the actual prototypes Mk7 Golf GTI, it's hard to say what he looks like when will they appear later.

However, VW Jetta sedan design that has been circulating today, with a sharper snout profile can be used as a reference at least the seventh generation of new faces
GTI golf later.

Meanwhile, VW has also confirmed that the German manufacturer will also offer a plug-in electric model or a hybrid diesel-electric on the latest Golf model.

Golf EV plug-in model will make market debut in 2013 and according to the manufacturer, it will be equipped with a 115HP electric motor with power and torque of 270Nm, from lithium batteries.

In the current stage of development, the combination of its range can reach distances up to 150 kilometers.
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SPESIFIKASI Jaguar XF | anniversary editionke-75

SPESIFIKASI Jaguar XF | anniversary editionke-75

Jaguar celebrates his birthday with consumers in Australia. A special variant edition of the Jaguar XF V8 birthday (anniversary edition) to be launched in the State Kangaroo 75.

"Australia is proud to announce Jaguar XF V8 latest variants, namely 75th Anniversary Edition, continues various other special edition series. This car is equipped with 5.0 L V8 engine, combining power and technology that provides the driving experience is incredible," said Kevin Goult, General Manager, Australian Jaguar Autoevolution quoted as saying.

Jaguar third-generation machine is capable of delivering 462 PS power and maximum torque of 515 Nm. Ability accelerates 0-100 km / h, 5.7 seconds and can be discharged tauted 250 km / hr.

The difference in this special edition variants are some exterior and interior features. Among other things size 20-inch rims and exhaust tip finishes. In the cabin mounted emblem "75 Years" on the main console that shows this car as a special edition.

It costs U.S. $ 112 500 (Rp1, 01 billion) per unit. Prime unit was sent to the "Aussie" beginning the last quarter of this year.
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SPESIFIKASI NISSAN | Tiga Model Infiniti | FX (SUV), M (sedan) dan G (coupe).

SPESIFIKASI NISSAN | Tiga Model Infiniti | FX (SUV), M (sedan) dan G (coupe).

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) to expand the market into premium segments. Infiniti, Nissan's premium brand, will go to start in January 2011 by offering three models, namely FX (SUV), M (sedan) and G (coupe),.

For this, the NMI is supported directly by Nissan Motor Co. Indocar Group Ltd and to support after-sales service network. For the first phase, for Jakarta.

The unit will be imported as a whole (CBU) from Japan by utilizing the Indonesia-Japan economic cooperation known as the Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJ-EPA). So, cars with engines above will apply 3.000cc to 6 percent import duty (2010), then down 4 percent (2011) and zero percent (2012).

"For the inaugural year, the first target in Indonesia Infiniti 200 units for all models," said Takayuki Kimura, President of NMI at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, South, today.

On the same occasion, Carlos Ghosn's, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co. LTD added, Infiniti's entry in Indonesia not to pursue their sales volume. Nissan, he explained, wanted to grow up with the national car market by offering a variety of models generate various.

"So, Nissan will have a car from the cheapest to most expensive. Infiniti Nissan has a role in lifting the image of Indonesia," said Ghosn.

Infiniti will accompany Japan's Lexus as a premium brand to compete with the German brand, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi

G (coupe).

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MODIFIKASI Fiat 500 | Versi Roadster

MODIFIKASI Fiat 500 | Versi Roadster

Italian manufacturer Fiat has confirmed to develop a new model that takes the base of the Fiat 500. But this time more sporty because the type of two-door roadster.

As reported by Auto Express, Tuesday (29/06/2010) The model will use a powerful 180 hp turbo engine is grafted from a special edition of the Ferrari engine.

Fiat tuning house, which has created a Fiat Abarth 500 Spyder, the as the reincarnation of a Ferrari sports car 695 Tributo."I want to build a separate car, something unique," said Antonino Labate, director for business operations Abarth.

The car will also use Competitizone with the automated manual gearbox Abarth was launched at 500C, will also be equipped with paddleshifters.

Package MultiAir 1.4 Fiat engine-powered 180 bhp turbo engines should be able to travel 250 km per hour and 000-100 km per hour in less than seven seconds.

Abarth will also build the same package of suspension tweaks used to create Esseesse lansiran performance of high performance version of the current 500.

While details of other modifications which will also be pinned on Fiat 500 Spyder will include Sabelt-seats, uprated sports brakes, exhaust and aerodynamic diffuser.

"This will not take a long time, maybe two years," Labate said.Thus, with the appearance of rounded lines but muscular, Fiat 500 Spyder is really going to show sp
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MODIFIKASI Nissan Serena 2004

MODIFIKASI Nissan Serena 2004

Very perfect and precise modification of the concept that once traveled along the Nissan Serena Adwitiya Mahapandita hers. MPV genre bear identical relief in the year 2004 the output of this car basic strongly supports the concept if it worked with VIP Style Elegance.

Character body body kit box with the additive straight line sloping contoured elegance dynamic style can not be denied a modification of current tastes. DNR

Add on body kits at the lips ekserior sector already is enough to arouse the smell of elegance in this sector. Particularly preferred chromium circumference Fabulous Expand 19 full Accelera 225/35/19 on the fender underneath really interesting step as falsifies luxurious exterior face. For added convenience added to the set of under carriage.

Suede and alligator-patterned leather semi plots results Simoeh Jogja penetrated into the cabin interior carpets also primp with synthetic fur this Urban Wild. Combination of brown, beige, black and undoubtedly will be full of the smell of elegance wrapped up 90% of interior including on the ceiling. Minibar custom front and rear of the cabin did not escape from taxable swathe of semi alligator skin motif.

Installation of audio devices as brain Very perfect and precise modification of the concept that once traveled along the Nissan Serena Adwitiya Mahapandita hers. MPV genre bear identical relief in the year 2004 the output of this car basicnya strongly supports the concept if it worked with VIP Style Elegance.

Character body body kit box with the additive straight line sloping contoured elegance dynamic style can not be denied a modification of current tastes. DNR

Add on body kits at the lips ekserior sector already is enough to arouse the smell of elegance in this sector. Particularly preferred chromium circumference Fabulous Expand 19 "berlilitkan Accelera 225/35/19 on the fender underneath really interesting step as falsifies luxurious exterior face. For added convenience added to the set of under carriage.

Suede and alligator-patterned leather semi plots results Simoeh Jogja penetrated into the cabin interior carpets also primp with synthetic fur this Urban Wild. Combination of brown, beige, black and undoubtedly will be full of the smell of elegance wrapped up 90% of interior including on the ceiling. Minibar custom front and rear of the cabin did not escape from taxable swathe of semi alligator skin motif.

Installation of audio devices as brain Very perfect and precise modification of the concept that once traveled along the Nissan Serena Adwitiya Mahapandita hers. MPV genre bear identical relief in the year 2004 the output of this car basicnya strongly supports the concept if it worked with VIP Style Elegance.

Character body body kit box with the additive straight line sloping contoured elegance dynamic style can not be denied a modification of current tastes. DNR

Add on body kits at the lips ekserior sector already is enough to arouse the smell of elegance in this sector. Particularly preferred chromium circumference Fabulous Expand 19 "berlilitkan Accelera 225/35/19 on the fender underneath really interesting step as falsifies luxurious exterior face. For added convenience added to the set of under carriage.

Suede and alligator-patterned leather semi plots results Simoeh Jogja penetrated into the cabin interior carpets also primp with synthetic fur this Urban Wild. Combination of brown, beige, black and undoubtedly will be full of the smell of elegance wrapped up 90% of interior including on the ceiling. Minibar custom front and rear of the cabin did not escape from taxable swathe of semi alligator skin motif.

Installation of audio devices as brain spoiled ear drum was asked on a double din head unit Necvox touchscreen LCD 7 "in dash. Furthermore, the order is processed sound again with two Rockford Fosgate power amplifier unit.

Strains of low tones to this high pitch through two seeds subwoofer Kicker 12 "and middle-bass and tweeter that previously passed the Swiss Audio Pioneer crossover device. While the flow of electricity is enough to stabilize the Instersys 1.5 farad capacitor bank.

Strains of low tones to this high pitch through two seeds subwoofer Kicker 12 "and middle-bass and tweeter that previously passed the Swiss Audio Pioneer crossover device. While the flow of electricity is enough to stabilize the Instersys 1.5 farad capacitor bank.
ear drum was asked on a double din head unit Necvox touchscreen LCD 7 "in dash. Furthermore, the order is processed sound again with two Rockford Fosgate power amplifier unit.

Strains of low tones to this high pitch through two seeds subwoofer Kicker 12 "and middle-bass and tweeter that previously passed the Swiss Audio Pioneer crossover device. While the flow of electricity is enough to stabilize the Instersys 1.5 farad capacitor bank.
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MODIFIKASI Suzuki X-Over 2009

MODIFIKASI Suzuki X-Over 2009

Blending elements of sports, compact SUVs seem thick faced Suzuki X Over. But the Suzuki Crossover create Fadly face is feasible also transformed with a touch of elegance. "Want to change the face of the X-Over become more luxurious," said the Platypus is single club.

Creative Fashion Auto home modification was successful deliver well meaning elegant luxury in cars 'unique' is.

Wrap elegant nuances apparent after following behind the front bumper fiberglass sidekirt untouched. Plain invisible body grafis menggubakan cutting sticker tribal with barium oracle. "It took a week to design the exterior," said Fadly. Not to forget aseso DAD as a form of elegant aura will find some parts of which side fender emblems, hood and front end plate numbers.

Sign in cabin cars, it won the best small SUV in the arena of contest these modifications seem appealing to refer the passenger seat leather sofa model MB Tech. Kian evoke a touch of elegance then DAD follow-up aseso perched on the Suzuki derivative 2009.
"Starting perfume, pedal sets, tassel, mirror, place tissue typical DAD nuanced," says single people who inhabit the region Jl. Surabaya Tanjung Pinang.

Fadly spoiling the sense of hearing with a touch of rear turn a mini-home theater. The result is an innate head unit is connected to the power X-Over Performance and Soundstream to maximize the output signal generated by the speakers voice and Coaxial Soundstream Cello. Coupled with the steady thump Soundstream woofer.

If we have a close look at the outside and in the following audio, this time turn Fadly legs trying to perform optimally. "Let two times instead of new wheels that fit this pattern," he said. Estatus 20-inch alloy wheels appear bandaged Achilles ATR Sport rubber tires sunk into the back fender after a sokbeker dicustom.
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MODIFIKASI Honda City Tipe Z 2001

MODIFIKASI Honda City Tipe Z 2001

Amanda Amrul still loyal hearts of pure elegance, with Honda City Type-Z is a perfect figure of an elegant more eye appealing. Straightforward characters with straight lines on the body kit results Jogja Speed MODIF house plots.

Pools filled with wheels fenders then Fabolous 19 "which diameter entwined with 215/35/19 Accelera detail in order to bring the elegance of the exterior face. Handle door Toyota Innova adequately represent an elegant impression with a touch crom decorate in all four doors. Finishing with a white exterior more attractive with a touch of minimalist cutting sticker.

Ineterior elegant atmosphere in detail delivered by the alligator in the corner seat. The combination of black and brown leather semi MB was obtained from the plots Maple Jogja Tech.

Momo pedal set spoty's aura, but shiftknob Garson and a few other details such as the interior rearview mirror or door locks are also newfangled Garson enough to dominate the aura of elegance to the cabin.

Audio installation on an interior cabin go do it perfectly. Head unit and CD changer is selected Pioneer products are supported by two units of different power amplifiers Venom character.

One form of monoblock subwoofer in order to raise the performance of the Harmonic Drive, while a Channel 4 special service or midle range tweeter speakers Fearless, Venom, and also Grandour. Not forgetting also Symbion complete LCD TV In Car Entertainment knitted this. | DNR

BODY KIT: Elegance by Jogja Speeed, DOOR Handle: Toyota Inova, wheels: Fabulous 19 ", TIRE: 215/35/19 Accelera, INTERIOR: MB Tech by Maple Jogja, pedal SET: Momo, SHIFTKNOB: Garson, HEADUNIT / CD Changer : Pioneer, Power Amplifier: Venom Monoblok & 4 Channel, Subwoofer: Harmonic Drive, Tweeter / MIDDLE SPEAKER: Fearless, venom, & Grandous, LCD TVs: Pioneer & Symbion
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To have a concept car is relatively difficult hommy. You see, all calculation must be mature, if not belonging to the general concept was so gatot alias fails miserably. Edges money wasted.

However, the Honda CR-V made in 2002 by a courtier had modification Makassar origin,
Arif. Men are daily busy as an entrepreneur was also made Honda CR-V into a complete home theater entertainment with the car in the middle to the back with a third row bench disarmed. Soon it only takes two months and funds amounting to USD 230 millions.

To design the middle cabin, Arif believe in workshops Auto Illusion located in Goa, South Sulawesi with Rahman and Aci.

"All the work I resignedly to the workshop. But for me who run the draft," said Arif told detikOto some time ago.

Before going into the car, we discuss first the outside. Well, the CR-V body is pinned to a custom body made from fiber.

While the inside, the impression is very strong car entertainment when a 32-inch television screen burst in the middle. This large TV can be mechanically driven, so other than as a TV screen can also be for the table.

"That one simple concept but there's function, namely to the table," concluded that singletons.

Completed section was moved to the most important part of the home theater. For
thicked feel of home theater then used webasto sized subwoofer
big. Once completed before the whole interior of leather clad
MBtech original quality maroon color.

Adds nuance of color application in the glamorous and cool impressed. Not to mention trinkets in it plus a rack for storing bottles of liquor.

Not satisfied in that part, then cut the body back to Arif. Bodi was reorganized and back on the bottom that serves planted motorized advance and rewind the seat. To be strong and durable, Arif use steel.

"There is no difficulty in that section. Until now surviving kok and very strong, confident.

Unfortunately, Mark did not remodel any part of the engine. The move was in accordance with the concept that stretcher walking home theater. "Machinery's just me let. But there legs sector changes, especially rim," he said.

What is it? Apparently not many, and Arif peggasuz only use 20-inch rims wrapped with tires Accelera 222 per 35 on the front and rear.

All that Arif was working on quite successfully. Arif, on the mat Clas Mild
Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 was in Makassar, 19-20 June 2010 managed to whip the Ultimate Elegant 2010.

"Pretty good because last year succeeded King Elegant 2009," proud man who was 20 years old.
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SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Corvette | Ikon Negara AS

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Corvette | Ikon Negara AS

Kentucky state government, the United States made a unique breakthrough by making the Chevrolet Corvette sports car as an icon of their state.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear assess the Chevrolet Corvette has been credited for Kentucky first since the Corvette factory built in the state.

"Sports car enthusiasts have fallen in love with Corvettes since it was first introduced in New York in 1953," said Beshear like detikOto quoted from the official website of the government of Kentucky, Monday (28/06/2010).

"For nearly 30 years, Kentucky has become the exclusive home of this sports car icon. Today, we are proud to give the honor to appoint an official sport car Corvette as the state of Kentucky," he added.

The car is equipped with the LS7 engine capacity of 7000 cc with a V8 configuration. Not only that, the machine is also equipped with a supercharger Vortex, and an aluminum intercooler, blow-off valves, fuel pumps and injectors, high capacity, and remap the ECU.

Italian tuning house has also added a custom exhaust, thus making the Z06 which is usually only generate power of 505 hp at 6300 rpm and 637 Nm of torque 4800 rpm. Now can provide power to 677 hp at 6,000 rpm and torque of 832 Nm at 4950 rpm.

In comparison, the ZR1 with 6200 cc V8 engine supercharger can generate power of 646 hp at 6500 rpm and maximum torque of 819 Nm at 3800 rpm.

With that much power, Romeo Ferrari Z06 only takes 3.3 seconds to sprint from 0-62 mph (100 km per hour). And can penetrate up to speed 124 mph (200 km per hour) in under 10 seconds.

If the driver still has the guts to step on the gas pedal deeper, the car will drive up to the speed of 211 mph (340 km per hour).

However, the tuner promises that the car is still comfortable for daily use, but with a record of engine speed should be no more than 3,000 rpm.

Power Information Network, a unit of JD Power and Associates says the average age was 54 years of Corvette buyers. Last year, Corvette sales in the United States only 13,934 units, down 48 percent from 2008.

The reason may be due to circulating current Corvette is the production of 2005 with prices ranging from U.S. $ 49.880 for the coupe and U.S. $ 107,830 for the ZR-1 type. While the design changes, at least a facelift version, should be done in two or three years.

In 1981 General Motors (GM), which produces the Chevrolet Corvette Chevrolet Corvette production moved from St. Louis, Missouri to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Currently about 50,000 people each year visit their factory to witness the process of Corvette production. It certainly has the economic impact particularly in terms of tourism and be able to generate more than U.S. $ 205,000,000, or around Rp 1.86 trillion each year.

This figure does not include the thousands who visit the National Corvette Museum in the nearby factory pull Corvette lovers from all over the world.

Kentucky itself is currently ranked third in terms of total light vehicle production in America. Even 9.8 percent of all cars and trucks that circulate in the United States is produced in Kentucky. And today more than 64 600 people work in Kentucky in the automotive sector, this state
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Rumors that Porsche will develop the smallest sport utility vehicle, will likely flood the site in the world. Autoevolution has confirmed to the person in a car factory in the German origin.

German newspaper Handelsblatt quoted as saying, according to sources from within the Porsche said that if his company was planning a mid-size SUV and became the fifth product line-up with a model Porsche 911 Coupe / Cabrio, Boxster / Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera.

Introduction baby Porsche Cayenne will be made to compete with rivals such as Mercedes and BMW. Funds are disbursed to build SUVs with using one platform from Volkwagens Group, is big enough. But, Porsche will bear the same as when it first launched the Cayenne.

That said, still from sources within, if mid-size SUV is using the platform of the Audi Q5. Porsche will not worry about his presence would destroy the power of images.

They have the experience of Ceyenne that when he was introduced to bring a number of controversial. After all, in fact, the vehicle is able to offer the preferred vehicles for their performance.
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Having kicked off with a pledge Leaf electric car, Nissan re-prepare the second project. The selected model multi purpose vehicle (MPV) by creating a new van. But, apparently will be developed from NV200 LCV models on display at the Geneva Auto Show.

When most manufacturers making electric vehicles for global markets, LCV only a few countries, one that was certainly Australia. "We do not currently have a model of Van in Australia, so our first goal is to launch this product. Because before going into commercial, we should go first into the van business," says Dan Thompson, CEO of Nissan Australia.

Electric MPV was made by Nissan NV200 is a development of the model on display in the title Genva Auto Show 2009. NV200 electric version will be released after the regular version of the MPV was launched.

"Until now we do not have a model van (MPV) in Australia. (Because it) our first destination today is the launch that model, because prior to working on the commercial market we must first get into the van segment," I'm Dan Thompson, CEO of Nissan Australia .

In addition to electric MPV, Nissan also will be launching brand-new Infiniti and Land Glicer production version. The latter model, the concept has been exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in late 2009. But the launch LCV could be before or concurrent with the launch of the models.

In accordance with the allocation as commercial vehicles, LCV electric car that will use the same drive system with his brother, Nissan Leaf. While the electric motor's motor adoption Renault Kangoo ZE. As is known, most of the shares of Nissan is now owned by the French manufacturer.

The electric motor is claimed to be able to bring the LCV a distance of up to 160 kilometers. While charging the battery to the motor is claimed to be quite brief, lasting only four hours. Unfortunately, until now still has not informed the Nissan electric car brand-new price tag of it.

The manufacturer, as reported by autoevolution, today, in addition to LCV also will be disconnect the latest Infiniti models and versions of the draft Land Glicer mass that exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show, late last year. But, LCV can be simultaneously or at least the early introduction.

Reportedly, having a system similar to the LCV in the Leaf of collaboration with Renault Kangoo ZE. This electric motor will capable traveled 160 km with a charging time of 4 hours.

"For the first phase, we will first launch a conventional model of the machine, followed by a new electric model," said Thompson.
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Japanese luxury car manufacturer, Lexus was forced to withdraw (recall) of approximately 17 000 units HS250h Lexus car production in 2010 because of suspected having problems with its fuel tank.

Fuel tank HS250h Lexus hybrid car in the inspection of the quality of the annual National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is found to have problems that can result in leaks. This is of course hazardous to safety.

With a total weight of 1.696kg, HS250h Hybrid Lexus engine capable of speeds reaching 100km per hour in about 8.4 seconds, 1.4 seconds quicker than the Prius. But about the economic level, HS250h Lexus Hybrid is still far less with the Prius.

HS250h Lexus Hybrid consumes about one liter of fuel for the mileage of about 14km while the Prius can achieve efficiency levels up to 21km per liter.

Indeed, compared with most hybrid cars, Lexus Hybrid HS250h it does look very luxurious. Some features are not available on hybrid cars such as lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, remote controller touch, wide-view front monitor and surround sound system made clear Mark Levinson is mounted on this car.

Unfortunately matter of convenience are less frequent because of the noise is still audible in the cabin, unlike the Lexus luxury car line.

Indeed HS250h Lexus Hybrid can not be fully known as the perfect merger between efficiency, environmentally friendly luxury Lexus but the work done is more than most consumers expect car. With the efforts initiated by this Lexus, it could be in the near future other automotive manufacturers will soon follow with a better product.

Vehicle Type: front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan
Engine Type: DOHC 16-valve inline-4, 147 hp, 138 lb-ft; AC permanent-magnet electric motor-assist, 141 hp, 199 lb-ft; combined power rating, 187 hp
Transmission: continuously variable automatic
Wheelbase: 106.3 in.
Length: 184.8 in.
Width: 70.3 in.
Height: 59.3 in.
Curb weight: 3740 lb
Zero to 60 mph: 8.4 sec
Fuel Economy: 35/34 mpg

Meanwhile, Toyota is the principal Lexus evasive about the matter and said that they had done the same test but did not find problems on this car. Toyota also promised to investigate the instability equal test results between it and the NHTSA.

"Although testing showed HS250h they on Lexus cars still line the federal standard we wil investigate and determine the reason behind the test results are different," said Toyota's chief quality officer for the North American region as detikOto Maddox St Angelo Leftlanenews quoted from Saturday (26 / 6 / 2010).

Lexus HS250h itself had previously been withdrawn or the recall due to suspected to have problems with their brake function.

This means that with the latest withdrawal, HS250h Lexus models have undergone recall two times in this 2010.
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MODIFIKASI Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2009

MODIFIKASI Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2009

Evan Tjandra, which is an engineering dropout from the University of Tarumanegara this, understand very well how to change the look of this favorite car. "I wanted an elegant concept, let me different from others," said the man who single origin of this flower. first modifications besides MOTOR Magazine: Modified Cars & Lifestyle, of course, to focus on the reference of the virtual world, you name www.roadhouse address and eBay. Unmitigated, through the virtual world reference. Evan ordered a set of wheels Vellano VTA type who has a giant size 26x10 inches. "At that time, I ordered directly from Japan. Because the modifier here is still rare to provide that much size wheel. Yes there is, but his type is not sporty elegance is what I want, so it had to be ordered from the internet, "said homeowner music is one Citra Harmoni. Fortunately, the room is very spacious fenders able to accommodate the size of the clad alloy wheels tires Toyo 305/30ZR26 Proxes ST II is. Especially with the legs of the system standard factory default, not necessarily a lot of changes that are made. One set of wheels and tires must be redeemed for Rp 120 million. According to Eka Pradanawidi senior mechanical workshop in the region Eurostar Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. When ordering, are in accordance with the specifications of the car, which means no problems during installation. "Jump into kok. I just had to replace the wheel bolts again, because the old drat it was due to the installation of dol by force, "when found in his shop. Combination pretty as a pair of giant feet is the application of body kits. Not much design body kit for Toyota Land Cruisers. One option is to Elford. One set of body kit that he Boyong Elford worth USD 80 million, consisting of front bumper, rear, side skirts, and triangular-shaped tip mufflers. One set of body kit is also ordered over the same store through eBay's shopping sites. So for the shipment together with the wheels and tires, "It took about three months, from a message to Indonesia," said Evan. Up in Jakarta, then straight body kit painted and fitted in Sunter Hero Motors, which specializes in painting and the installation of body kits cartridge. The result, an elegant concept that dimau Evan realized, only through the touch of the sector and interior legs whose value reached USD 200 millions. Satisfaction was not only enjoyed Evan, SUV-even now as one video clip one property band is one label orbitan Citra Harmoni, T-Green origin of Cirebon. Steady.

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SPESIFIKASI Motor Radikal | Lotus dan Proton

SPESIFIKASI Motor Radikal | Lotus dan Proton

The combined company Lotus and Proton is preparing a radical sports car. It is said that because his presence later, the car will shake the luxury car market. Like what?

Obviously, the intention was ambitious enough because Lotus and Proton trying to steal a luxury car market from Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin as part of what is called 'The Dawn of a new era. "

As reported by Autocar, Saturday (06/26/2010) starting from the concept of radicalization that Showcase Lotus founder Colin Chapman, that is a car that was 'light and simple'.

Thus, our corporate philosophy will also be changed for future models and concept cars goodbye a complex, high cost manufacturing technique with the upper class.

As expressed by Proton and Lotus Chairman, Datuk Mohd Salleh Mohd Nadzmi which outlines the company's plans to build a car with a new motto, 'Tomorrow's luxury sports cars, today'.

Car will cost an average 110 thousand to 80 thousand pounds, which includes application of technology was a double 7-speed transmission, active aerodynamics, dampers variable, hybrid systems, and alternate fuels.

Its realization will begin with a concept car that had the Golden Proton displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, which offers competition from Aston Martin Cygnet and the Toyota IQ.
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SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza Berlinetta

SPESIFIKASI Subaru Impreza Berlinetta

Subaru brand certainly have enough history in terms of performance, but to be more exotic, an Italian design studio Beestudio need to do a re alter.

Thus, as reported by Autoevolution, Saturday (6/26/2010) Japanese and Italian cuisine combine in one unit Subaru Impreza concept is agile, cosmopolitan, creative, efficient and dynamic.

Impreza would Berlinetta manifold two-door coupe, powered by Subaru's boxer engine and equipped with All wheel drive, so it does not eliminate the characteristic of the Impreza.

Subaru, as reported by Insideline, Monday (18/1/2010) using a new blower, sport exhaust system is also new, as well as re-setting the ECU. The result milihnya-4 turbo engine was able to power up to 325 hp melonjakkan and reaches peak torque 318 ft-lb.

The legs also faces made. Congenital STI suspension shock now be added too, coils, and new stabilizers. Plus combined Bridgestone RE070 tires that bind 18-inch alloy rims. As a tool vehicle rate freeze, select Brembo brake calipers on the front six and four calipers in the rear.

By supporting the aerodynamics, R205 also uses a roof wing, rear apron, and front lip spoiler that resembles the Impreza STI.

If all of that it is less enough to make the R205 resembles the WRX STI, the addition of options Recaro seats, clad in a red leather interior, and the typical WRX unique rim, just add pockets to Rp320 million.

But once again, Impreza R205 just for the domestic market in Japan. If interested must be directly imported from countries such sunrise.

And most striking change is the engine Berlinetta Subaru Impreza is already moving to the back, done by rotating the whole platform as many as 180 degrees, while wheelbase maintained.

And interestingly, this Berlinetta Impreza material using tubular steel for the chassis and fiberglass, and aluminum and carbon fiber for panel body.

Although the car has not really built, but a pre-feasibility studies have been made by the engineer Mauro Forghieri. Subaru Impreza Berlinetta so that later it will compete with the Ford GT40 or even a Ferrari Enzo.
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The British luxury car manufacturer, Bentley is preparing a five-door Fastback to rival the Porsche Panamera, which will be realized in the next generation of the Continental model.

A five-door Fastback style with the Panamera is believed to be the most preferred version, although it will not be sacrificed Bentley said the four-door saloon models that are still in great demand.

The plan, a new generation of Bentley Continental Panamera competitor is likely to be a substitute for Bentley GT Coupé, which will go on sale possible in 2012.

Manufacturer indicates that the most recent Bentley Continental will retain four-wheel drive chassis and 12-cylinder engine with a traditional torque converter automatic gearboxes.

Bentley's engineers also are working hard to ensure that the latest model of the Continental will be much lighter than the current version without sacrificing comfort and refinement.
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SPESIFIKASI New Hyundai Tucson

SPESIFIKASI New Hyundai Tucson

New Hyundai Tucson news presence in the homeland very Santer sounded. One of them, carrying on AUTOMOTIVE last issue concerning the two variants that will appear in Indonesia. So, no need to think long exclusive meeting invitations from PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI) for a little national journalists option to try it out directly in the neighboring country. Interesting first trip was adorned this SUV drives sleeker city of Singapore, crossed over to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur and drove to Genting Highlands, Malaysia. What's it like? Come out mimic kebet!
In an AC system, equipped with sensors that Tucson will turn off the AC compressor at high speed. This looks at the 'MAX A / C'. If this button is pressed, then the AC will work fully. However, if disabled, compressor would die on certain conditions.

So also with the alternator. This current generation devices to work at the time of deceleration. So, there is a kind of electrical coupling in pulien which will be free when they're full acceleration. Bearing system to keep even though the gas was released. This feature is intended to allow more economical fuel consumption Tucson.

Toh, steady energy. Especially when it crossed into the Johor and crossing Lebuhraya (toll road) as far as 368 km to Kuala Lumpur. Transmission 6 Tucson acceleration was smooth, both when the kick down or moved manually through the lever steptronic model. Imperceptibly, even though Malaysia's speed limit is only 110 km / h, Tucson capable search up stuck electronically controlled top speed of 190 km / h,

So, wait for the arrival of Tucson on IIMS later. But the new unit is available around September, because of Tucson will be assembled CKD in the homeland. Of course the effect can be made kompetitif possible price. We'll see!

Okay, just enter the items into the trunk. Very relieved! Three large suitcases, one of which exceeds the size of the 'cabin size' aircraft can be lined up side by side. Then there can be stacked on top tote bag. If you need a more spacious space, 60:40 split back seat that could put to sleep.

Entrance to the cabin, was also relieved. To measure 185 cm posture, it can still sit comfortably in the front seat and back. Create a special driver's seat, high-low setting can be reclining and sliding apart. Set the ideal driving position was easy because there are not even feature telescopic tilt steering.

Travel preparation was done by setting the electric mirror and mirror center who has a bookmark feature strong and wind directions. While the audio in the center dash features a reading of the CD format MP3. There are auxiliary socket for an MP3 player and audio from the USB jack or an iPod for reading flash. Oh yes, must provide special iPod USB power cable because they can not use standard data cable.

Operation of the audio and AC pretty easy because the ergonomic position. Moreover there are buttons on the steering wheel audio controls. Quite easy and does not reduce the concentration of driving. Some features are quite different between the two cars. For example panoramic roof earlier.

In addition, the highest model of light blue, Tucson is also equipped with keyless entry. No need to create keys in the car. Want to start one live press the button. Then power windows have auto feature both down and up (another type of auto down only). Included also features an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Hill Descent Control (HDC), which already exists at the highest variance. According to Edwin, the highest variant has not been planned into Indonesia. Spek roughly similar to the actual black Tucson.

Turn the ignition key and get ready to move to Orchard Road and goes around the Esplanade. Theta II, 2000 cc engine feels quite smooth. Although a little steering wheel vibrates when played as a stop. Ah, apparently still use hydraulic power steering.

Matic 6 SPEED

Landed in the Changi Airport, Singapore, with cloudy weather conditions had made the heart dag-dig-dug. Fortunately, the pilot and copilot bule able to make iron bird landed safely. Especially after walking toward the parking lot and saw the original form of the New Hyundai Tucson. Balls that had shriveled returned volatile.

Handsome is also the original form of Tucson. Click amazed about the designs came from colleagues who accompany HMI. Oops, this was also the first time they met Tucson Anyar! Turning once or twice looking exterior detail, felt more mature than previous generations.

There are two Tucson are available. One of them complete with a panoramic roof. But it seems this variant has not planned to enter the Indonesian market. "Spek which will present more on the other," said Erwin Djajadiputra, vice president of marketing, sales & after sales of PT HMI.
Specification Data
PxLxT: 4410 x 1820 x 1685 mm
Wheel base: 2640 mm
Ground clearance: 170 mm
Engine: Theta II four-cylinder inline DOHC 16 valve Dual CVVT
Capacity: 1998 cc
Diameter x measures: 86 x 86 mm
Compression ratio: 10,5:1
Power: 166 rpm dk/6.200
Torque: 197 rpm Nm/4.600
Transmission: 6 speed Automatic
Steering: Rack and pinion
Suspension front: MacPherson Strut
Rear suspension: Multi-link
Brakes front / rear: ventilated disc / solid disc, ABS, EBD

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SPESIFIKASI Mobill ALfa Romeo | Mobil Jadul | Futurustik

SPESIFIKASI Mobill ALfa Romeo | Mobil Jadul | Futurustik

Concept car that is often exhibited by a manufacturer-car manufacturers often appear extremely futuristic. It is not only happening in the present course.

Because the cars epoch can also find out he has a futuristic ideas though made in the old days when technology was not as sophisticated as this.

Innovation concept cars that was both design and technology also deserves thumbs up. Below we present seven older but the concept car concept futuristic:

1. B.A.T. 7

The car that was launched in Turin in 1954 uses three Alfa Romeo cars as a base Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica designed by Franco Scaglione of the famous design house Bertone.

With half-closed and the wheels on the rear wing, BAT 7 looks like a car from another planet. Even so, Bertone claims to make design a car like this long-needed study aerodynamics.

2. Sting Ray

Cars made by GM design chief Bill Mitchell is made to show courage in the world GM is racing. Evidenced by the participation of this car in 1959 and 1960.

Armed with the chassis of the Corvette SS picked then wrapped with a new body, Sting Ray cool present and those who see it.

Three. Ford Mustang I

Progenitor legendary Ford Mustang muscle car was originally built in 1962 upon the idea of Roy Lunn and Frank Theyleg to rival sports car owned by MG and Alfa Romeo. This car initially apply only a small Ford Taunus V4 engine with four-speed manual transmission that can only produce 109 hp.

4. Cadillac Cyclone

Futuristic cars made in 1959 so this seemed like an airplane. Outside the body of this car is already equipped with fins at the stern with a front bumper with exhaust-style fighters who are now in the front section near the front wheels.

Moreover, thanks to the cabin door and transparent application, this car can give up the sensation of climbing a fighter plane. Moreover, this car is also equipped with communication devices that can make this car passengers to communicate with people outside the car without having to open canopy of the car.

5. GM Firebird III
This car is a car that is very special with the leading specifications that have been made. And just like the Cadillac Cyclone, a car made in 1959 was also very inspired by fighter aircraft. That's why this car looks more like a jet fighter than a car.

A side car until the fin on the back and the cabin is designed in the style of fighter jets. To control this car, we are not necessary to use a steering wheel but simply use the joystick like on the plane with all the attributes that have been computerized.

6. Ferrari Modulo

Designed in Pininfarina design house and is shown at the Geneva Auto Show 1970, Ferrari Modulo looks like a space module and not like a Ferrari in general. But if you see a powerful 550 hp V12 engine, the doubt on this car would disappear immediately.

7. Aero-Vette

Looking at the long history of Corvette, this car could be said as one of the best concept cars from American manufacturers. Armed with fantastic body and gullwing doors, Aero-Vette look very exotic.

GM design boss affairs, Bill Mitchell even had prepared a car who first shown in 1977 was to be mass produced by machine applications small-block V-8 to cut the selling price in the future. But unfortunately the program in cencel for a reason.
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Toyota ready to revive its flagship sports sedan, Supra, after "death" in 2002. This car is rumored to use the MR2 and the draft code will be produced in conventional version and a hybrid or a hybrid.

As quoted Autoevolution, yesterday, Toyota is currently and will continue to prepare for the final exhibition in 2013. According to an anonymous source, this step is done because a lot of pressure from rivals, such as Mazda, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi, which has claimed the product would remove the hybrid and electric-powered sports car.

The issue, Toyota will invest 1,500 cc V6 engine hybrid power source similar to the FFT-owned models on display HS inaugural year in 2007 in Detroit, United States, and FT-86.

Step largest car manufacturer in the world began to develop environmentally friendly sports car that will create new markets with tighter competition. Nissan, for example, have set up a new two-door car, combining the advantages Langlider Leaf and concepts.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi will change their legendary model, Evolution, become more environmentally friendly and iMiEV sports Indonsia had on display at the International Motor Show in 2009.

Environmentally friendly car market in the world today continues to grow. By strengthening the product range of hybrid vehicles, Toyota is hoping to continue to be the leader of the world car market.
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SPESIFIKASI Honda Accord Facelift

SPESIFIKASI Honda Accord Facelift

Honda update the look of mid-size Accord sedan and coupe flagship next year. Concentration is mostly done on the exterior so that gathering more sporty.

The touch looks at the design of bumpers (front and back) and similar gril Crosstour Accord, the product was released to the public recently. What makes the look more refreshed, changes in the car is powered front and rear lights and the use of lighter aluminum alloy wheels.

Beneath the hood, sitting two choices of engine capacity of 2.4 L gasoline-powered 177 PS and 190 PS and 3.5 L V6 capable of 271 dk. For transmission, the Honda to equip a car with two options, manual and automatic 5-speed. The V6 engine option available for 6 speed automatic transmission and manual. Honda claims that the Accord facelift produces emissions that are cleaner and more fuel efficient.

Log into the interior, ergonomically impression created by centralized control button on the center console. Instrument layout more comfortable visits.

For entertainment, the car is equipped with a USB connector, rear camera, until the transmission lever on the steering wheel (steering wheel paddle shift). In the U.S. market, the Accord facelift will begin in August this entry. Now, when to Indonesia? Let's wait on the game.
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MODIFIKASI 370z Amuse versito

MODIFIKASI 370z Amuse versito

For those not understand about the car, saw the yellow figure is certainly confused. What brand? Because, by the owner who did not want his name mentioned, the body is already pinned sportcar Amuse Verstito body kits.

"To my knowledge, new and Amuse the Ings +1 body kit for 370Z issue," said the owner. And Amuselah and said being assessed is able to present figures on the whole body sensual sportcar Nissan's seventh generation from this 2010 production. So, two months to bring in components made from fiberglass that is very valuable.

For its installation, according to Jona Jona Autodesign from home modifications, baseball got into trouble. Because, it is bolt on for the 370Z and 370Z Amuse these claims to be the first in the country.

The result, Amuse 370z view this versito contains not only solid, but also highlight the impression muscled through the sharp corner of the notch. determine precisely the challenge comes when the paint. Ultimate Premium Color Yellow-label standards have unique because it must fit the formula due to have a transparent effect.

Harmonization is also radiated from the four wheels wearing 19-inch size Vellano VTJ brand. Amazingly, this alloy ordered directly from his base in California, American. Parties, to adjust the color of the body.

Suspension system also developed in order to provide superb handling. Performed here with KW coilover installation of three new variants are released.

Result, the pounding of 3700 cc engine powered 336 PS with 7-speed automatic transmission makes Mr.X like getting sucked back into the rear. Although automatic, with the paddle shift gives characters like trasmision manual gearshift.

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Switzer Performance Workshop in America to give an injection energy like crazy on the Nissan GT-R sports. Using ethanol fuel, energy can reach 900 HP.

Switzer called the GT-R E900, this car uses ethanol as a substitute for conventional gasoline from the fuel pump, which allows the mechanics to improve performance.

As reported Worldcarfans, Friday (06/25/2010) This is a major up grade of the GT-R P800, which while still using gasoline engines, power is only 800 HP.

Extra large step further, a transmission custom built by Motorsports Dodson, New Zealand so, offers smooth shifts every speed.

"We have to change the fuel system and significantly increase the size of the injection, until finally we have a fuel that gives us everything we need to create a powerful 900 hp this car," said shop owner, Tym Switzer.

The result, gahar powered engines but also thanks to the environmentally friendly fuel ethanol is capable of running from the speed of 100 km per hour to 200 km per hour in less than six seconds.
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SPESIFIKASI Toyota Supra Hybrid

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Supra Hybrid

Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota plans to give birth to a new sports car instead of MR2 and regenerates legendary sports car, the Supra.
Supra is a sports car that has been manufactured by Toyota since 1979 years ago but stopped production in the year 2002. Well this car will soon be reincarnated issued at the end of 2013.
As quoted by Autocar, Friday (25/06/2010) later, this MR2 change kitchen runway collection system will use a hybrid that combines a 1500 cc petrol engine with an electric motor.
Initially, Toyota plans to transplant a V6 engine in this car, but because the CR-Z has proved successful in Japan, Toyota is also reportedly reviewing it in order not to be regarded as the imitators.
Toyota Supra Hybrid later this would be a manifestation of the FT-HS concept car (Future Toyota Hybrid Sport), which never exhibited in Detroit in 2007.
Development of this model was reportedly walking along with the development of FT-86 which is a collaboration of the Toyota sport utility vehicle and Subaru.
However, the rebirth of the Toyota Supra will seem a little disturbed. For opponents, such as Honda Toyota is also preparing similar sports cars.
Nissan and the Mitsubishi has even gone further with the plan of a sports car with the overall issue of energy sources from the electric motor.
Nissan is currently preparing an electric car that combines the Nissan two-door concept car Langlider Leaf and as a source of inspiration and planned to be introduced in the coming year 2014.
Meanwhile, Mitsubishi plans to produce a sports version of the i MiEV in 2012 and reportedly also is preparing a legendary sports car, Lancer Evolution in hybrid versions.
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thump with her boyfriend when modifying a car, make this girl would not want to go change his Honda Jazz.

"Not content with it if only to see a girlfriend's favorite vehicle to modify the course, I also want to follow-up," said Dewi Ruray Masyita to detikOto in Makassar, South Sulawesi, several days ago.

Then, the woman who is familiarly called goddess rose directly remodel Honda Jazz
the year 2009. Concept be appointed modifications are tailored elegance with everyday needs. But it's not the boyfriend chimed alone.

"I do a lot of debris, only tailored to the needs, but still matched," said one medical student university in Makassar.

The first step is to patch up the whole car bent with Noblesse body kit with a color that harmonized with the color of the car. Once completed, and beautify the area of the legs.

Reorganized is one of the rim. STD rim stripped and replaced with a rim size of 17 with a bandage SSW accelera tires 205 per 40. Meanwhile, in parts per car, per custom Goddess trust.

"For part of that one guy I recommend wear per custom," said Dewi get along with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, to beautify the front, which has seen the car Jazz was awarded the headlamp type R. And do not forget to the stern precisely mufflers, Goddess of using replica Garson. Not bad, although the similarity almost same, but still look different.

After external affairs is now headed into the finish. Well, to accommodate
Dewi driving pleasure was pinned leather MBtech throughout the interior with glossy black motif. Plus MTX 10-inch subwoofer with four channels fulltone power.

While the head unit, the Goddess not just change its form. He retains the authenticity of his personal car. "I let Interior standards alone, I'll still have the original impression," said the woman's original Ternate who also maintain the integrity of 1500 cc VTEC engine.

Thats Goddess desire not to be a spectator only. In all, the Goddess must set aside funds amounting to Rp 15 million.
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SPESIFIKASI New Kia Pride | Hatchback

SPESIFIKASI New Kia Pride | Hatchback

If you have money to Rp 150 million and wants to have a new hatchback vehicle. With that much money, first interred intention to drive a Honda All New Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift or Hyundai i20. Because, the price is still far above and closest to the official price was only i20 USD 169 million (lowest).

If it remains determined to have a hatchback, there are alternative options, namely New Kia Pride, the new-launch Wednesday (06/23/2010) yesterday in Bandung. In fact, PT Kia Motor Indonesia (KMI), the South Korean car producer in Indonesia, it provides more than 10 units for attempted dozens of reporters with the Jakarta-Bandung route to go home.

In terms of form, the New Pride with the previous model, launched in 2007 almost exactly. The difference, look at the grille design which embraces the concept of tiger nose. Attractive design coupled with its bumper fog lights and headlight sporty black bezel to match with none other than the tastes and styles of young people now.

For the interior was nothing flashy, but with two tone colors, and for entertainment there is a CD, MP3, USB, and iPod connection.

So also with the engine, still the same as previous 1400 cc DOHC 16-valve CVVT. 94 PS engine power at 6000 rpm and torque at 4700 rpm 12.7 kgm.

Although the capacity of runways same kitchen, does not mean there is no change. "Teeth ratio is more stretched, especially the second and fourth gear," explained Ridjal Hitech Marketing Communication Manager of KMI, the after finishing the test in one of the KIA showroom in Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (06/24/2010).

With a little alteration, it is clear that the New Pride is reliable enough to travel out of town. Hence, IMA invites journalists to Bandung to prove it. "Actually, this trip is more fun alone. But the main core wants to show its stability because it has a wheelbase and wheel tread a long and low ground clearance," explained Ridjal.

Benny Averdi of Automotive tabloids tell if the teeth 2 can be pulled up to 70 km. "To top speed of baseball tried, but taut ran had reached 160 km / h," explained Benny.

New Pride is available in seven color options. For the price, which transmit manually USD 145 million and Rp 158 million automatic transmissions (both on the road of Jakarta). Means, with funds in the hands of USD 150 million has been able to get a hatchback with a spacious interior space.
READ MORE - SPESIFIKASI New Kia Pride | Hatchback
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American Honda Motor Co.. hybrid sports coupe announced the pricing of Honda CR-Z which will be available at dealers across the United States starting in late August this year with prices starting at $ 19.200.

Honda calls this hybrid as stylish vehicles, drivers and harmonize the focus on efficiency and Performance. Favor two-passenger coupe is sporty and taut handling. Engine 1.5-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine combined with the Integrated Motor Assist Performance in order to obtain both efficiency. This hybrid system combined with the sportier 6MT transmission. Other options Automatic Transmission continuously variable.

Honda prepare a three-mode drive system that is Sport, Normal and Econ. There are two variants of the CR-Z, where the richer features of the CR-Z is named EX equipped with a sound system better, including subwoofer, Bluetooth, and steering wheel covered in leather
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Every year there will be a new Ferrari or at least redesign. This Italian manufacturer's efforts to meet the increasingly long list of orders, while still maintaining its appeal to potential new buyers.

Ferrari will retain the four main models of California and the 612 Scaglietti in the GT 458 Facebook 599 Fiorano in Italy and the sports car. Each year from these models will be replaced with M or modification model. Model M it appeared four years after the car in question was launched. After four years in the model M will replace the new generation.

The above four models, the flagship model or generation of supercars will change every decade or more. Ferrari will also prepare a version of the Scuderia or Spyder.

The closest is a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti is estimated to be present the first half of next year. Followed by substitute Enzo successor in late 2011 and the 2012 599 GTB Fiorano.

One of Ferrari's current focus is to pivot a relatively long time. Currently the waiting time could reach 18 months to 24 months. Therefore, consumers will begin to look to other brands. Ferrari hopes to cut that time to less than one year. How, to produce cars faster, not more.
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SPESIFIKASI Jazz Hybrid | Price USD 150 million

SPESIFIKASI Jazz Hybrid | Price USD 150 million

CEO of Honda Motor Corp. Takanobu Ito had expressed disappointment at the Insight hybrid car sales performance. Honda also is currently preparing new hybrid of jazz-based but has the same components with the Insight.

Jazz, this hybrid some time ago had caught the camera being tested by Honda.

Like the Japanese daily Nikkei reported, and told Reuters on Thursday (24/06/2010), which is a combination gas-electric hybrid Insight Jazz and it will be released for 1.5 million yen (approximately USD 150 million with an exchange rate of 1 yen = USD 100.4 ) in Japan.

This means that the price is 400 000 yen cheaper than the Insight, but more expensive 200 000 yen from the Jazz or the Fit.

The new car can go up to 30 km per liter, slightly increased from the most efficient fuel consumption for the Jazz that is 25 km per liter.

This new hybrid course will increasingly create competitive polar hybrid cars in Japan increased. In addition to Honda, Toyota also reportedly will issue a new hybrid in the year ahead.
READ MORE - SPESIFIKASI Jazz Hybrid | Price USD 150 million
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Shopping center of Paris Van Java (PVJ) in Jalan Sukajadi Bandung, West Java, to witness the presence of KIA Pride facelift to the automotive market homeland. KIA Pride price facelift costing USD 145 million for the version of the manual and automatic versions cost Rp 158 million.

"Presented in accordance with the demands of urban life which is always
dynamic and has a very high mobility, "said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto Sukmono in Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (23/06/2010).

The difference with the old version, KIA Pride facelift is now carrying the latest forms and interior ekstrior more riveting. For the exterior, especially on the grille, New KIA Pride carried the concept of 'Tiger Nose' accompanied by a more box shape foglamp emitting element carrying the sporty impression.

For the interior, KIA Pride facelift now claimed more quiet. Not only that, the interior of New KIA Pride now apply the two tone color which is equipped with entertainment features such as CD player, MP3, USB and iPod.

KIA Pride facelift still use the same engine, 1400 cc DOHC
CVVT technology which can give off energy of 94 PS and torque of 12.8 kgm.

There are seven colors prepared for the New Kia Pride which is titanium silver, clear white,
clear silver, beige, red tropycal, sapphire, black minight.

And for consumer satisfaction, KIA has now longer KIA engine warranty period
Pride facelift up to five years or up to 150 thousand kilometers.
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In addition to Indonesia, namely MPV cars PM7, distributor of Chevrolet cars in Indonesia, PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) almost certainly will bring a Chevrolet Orlando to Indonesia.

The plan, a car that is a fusion of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) will be included gmai coming in mid-2011.

This was confirmed by the Managing Director of PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld (gmai) Mukiat Sutikno, in Nusa Dua, Bali.

"The odds are 70 percent," he said.

However, this time by Mukiat masuih gmai wait certainty selling price of this car on the market later. For the launch of the new Orlando itself will be implemented next year.

From the looks, a combination SUV with a strong aura of a compact MPV seems to have succeeded in making this car look so different all at once captivating.

The results can be achieved in Orlando because this car took the base from which Delta Chevrolet Cruze and Volt adopted by, so when you see it is not the same aura that erupted with most MPV.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen pacue, Chevrolet Orlando is going to carry the same engine that is also platform with the Cruze sedan, the Ecotec engine capacity of 1800 cc, which is also the engine for a global platform from GM.

"For the price, I think Orlando will exist under the Captiva," said Mukiat.
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