Just the addition of trunk space? Of course that first impressions are seeing this Mazda2 Sedan. Although few details, such as the headlamps, grille is different than the type hatchback. If the back still unclear, the difference, right? So what does this performance sedan,trying to type RA / T, which became the highest caste, the four variants of this Mazda2 sedan.

SHORT wheelbase
Sedan worth Rp 245 million (on the road, Jakarta) is indeed the highest type, with some differences, such as a more rigid suspension, so it is more fitting for tight maneuvering, be advised given appendage aka R Racing behind him.

No responsibility, the difference is 30 percent more stiff than the other variants with type S. Obviously, this is a choice for speed enthusiasts. Moreover, with wider tires and larger rims 16 inch (15-inch type S), type R will be more stable.

This stability will be felt when cornering fast. When making a zig-zag, round steering wheel will feel able to obey the will of the driver. It looks even longer than its hatchback proved the difference was not adrift too jauh.Dibandingkan with hatchback, closed to within 331 mm overall length is longer, overall length 4244 mm sedans, hatchbacks, while 3 913 m. However, shorter wheelbase sedan, while the hatchback 2493 mm 2490 mm.

Of course this so that the sedan is more spacious back room, so that the backrest can be more sloped rear passengers, and luggage room was more spacious.

However, the issue of control when compared with the hatchback there was little change in the character, certainly a result of the rear overhang is more distant, of maneuvering around the bend a little oversteer tend to have symptoms. It will be felt not very agile becomes. Although the suspension for this type of R, the deficiency can be corrected.

Mazda2 Sedan Fuel consumption is frugal enough to be practically in the city, about 11.8 km per liter. As soon as any acceleration quickly enough. As it accelerates, there is a distinct sensation when holding the wheel circumference. Electronic Power Assist Steering system was made very light steering when parking, and felt heavy when driving fast.

Acceleration results were not much compared to hatchbacks, special enough? Indeed, though it was added gembolan behind aliases baggage, weighing no adrift far, about 13 kilograms of course, hatchback 1066 kg, 1079 kg while the sedan. No wonder.

Other facilities similar to the hatchback. Starting from the audio system and the completeness of the circumference of the wheel that could set the headunit, without having to move the hands off the wheel.

Darling little road noise was heard inside the cabin. Although yet to interfere. Live plus some damping sheets, naturally going to become more comfortable. Especially when the rain, the sound drops from the roof will be much damped.

But the matter of acceleration and control, Mazda2 Sedan is arguably a good, comfortable seating position even for all passengers, either in front or behind. In fact, behind the three people on board had allotted three point seatbelt. Quite exceptional in its class.

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