Slowly but surely, Peugeot still exist in the national car market. The proof, two weeks away, PT Astra International TBK-Peugeot Sales Operation (AI-PSO) will market its newest product, the crossover 3008. This vehicle is imported intact (CBU) from Wine Country, France.

"I think for the introduction of a journalist can be done in the third week of this month. For the public will take place early next month," said Chief Executive Herlijoso Constantine AI-PSO.

In their home country, this crossover is offered with four engine options. While for Indonesia, 1.6-liter gasoline chosen with automatic transmission, six-speed.

Until now, advanced Herlijoso, there have been several orders must be 3008 in Indonesia. Peugeot distributor in Indonesia targeting at least be able to sell 10 units. "There has been a message, but I forgot the score. If it's 10 units can. We try to set price below USD 450 million per unit," lid Herlijoso.
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